What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. How are you liking the Zoe? I am thinking of getting one in the DA with the yellow trim (gives me pure summer vibes) and thinking of eventually getting the DE version with the red (gives me autumn/winter vibes) - however I have been watching a ton of reviews (more like overviews - because they haven't really used them properly) of the item... what's it like to use everyday? I have been using a cardholder for the past two or so years so i am used to downsized wallets.
    Would love your input!
  2. IMG_1419.JPG
    Pleasantly surprised what I can fit inside my Totally pm.
    Also a thick bag liner, 6s plus and a glasses case.(not pictured)
  3. I’ve been using the empriente version since it was released. Haven’t changed out of it yet....so ...that gives u an idea. Lemme know if you have specific questions.
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  4. IMG_8973.JPG IMG_8984.JPG fullsizeoutput_5bf.jpeg
    What fits in Horizon 55:smile:
  5. Here’s another better pic of what exactly fits in mine & the 6s plus [emoji41]. Don’t know I didn’t find this bag before. Just perfect. IMG_1474.JPG IMG_1473.JPG

    Got my new glasses today varifocals from Gucci ab gorgeous silk pouch and velvet case in yellow not my fav colour but I can see while driving and and looking at the phone when using my sat nav of course. IRelief
    Don’t need to juggle between two pairs now [emoji4] these fit in perfectly.
    IMG_1468.JPG on
  6. same here! my croisette cant fit much at all
  7. I use my Zoe since I got it and can recommend it! It fits enough coins and bills and I use 3 of the 5 card slots. The slot on the back side stretches too much, if used and it is really a challenge to get the card out. On the side of the coin department I put only one card. For the rest of my cards I use a slim leather card case. Hope that helps!
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  8. Realized today that the new iPad Mini (5th/2019 edition) fits perfectly inside the Neverfull MM pochette! Slides in and out without any problems. [emoji4] 20190405_163147.jpg 20190405_163241.jpg 20190405_163317.jpg
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  9. I think all versions of the mini fit in the mm/gm version as tpf’ers have been saying this since this Pochette came out in 2014. Love your Azur and Rose Ballerine lining, it’s so pretty.
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  10. That's awesome, as I did not know that. Both the new NF (with pouch) and iPad Mini are new to me. Thanks for clarifying! :biggrin:
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  11. These four tidbits plus a few other goodies such as lip balm, mints, coupons.

    New Taigarama holds my driver's license, health card, a $20 bill incase of a pinch, debit card and Mastercard.

    Mouse holds all my coins, Rosalie has my extra cards and cash, and cles holds toothpicks, mints, a hair tie and my mini pocket knife. 20190406_202717.jpg
  12. What doesn’t belong [emoji848] IMG_4921.JPG
    I think it’s time for a new multiples [emoji4]
  13. Using organisers from @zoomoniofficial
    Great if you don’t carry a lot in here so it closes easily and pockets for little things so you don’t have to dig around 3B8CDF3F-FCA4-4F61-8D04-480B26E49F14.jpg
  14. Where is the mouse from? It's cute.
  15. Coach! It was one of their coin pouches for Christmas 2018. [emoji4]
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