What's Inside Your LV?

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  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396373092.092919.jpg
    Inside my toiletry pouch 26:
    iPad mini,
    Coach notebook
    iPod nano
    Charge cable for iPad & iPod
  3. What's inside my speedy empriente :smile:

  4. Here's what's in my brand spanking new Neverfull MM in DE.

    - LV pochette NM DE holding my crappy wallet, trader joe green tea candies, Kleenex, 1 lipgloss, phone
    - Maui Jim Punch Bowl sunglasses
    - make up case from target
    - Vera Bradley coin pouch used for lipstick, Chapstick and Chanel mirror
    - white Lululemon gift card pouch used for lifesaver candies in winter green.

  5. Love your speedy!!

  6. So pretty? Which Jo Malone is that??
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  7. Loveeeee your speedy its gorgeous
  8. Thank you! i cant stop staring at her!
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  9. Thank you! The Jo Malone perfume is the nectarine blossom & honey and the little lotion sample is the orange blossom and i love this scent! maybe my next JM purchase :P
  10. Thank you so much! this bag has been on my wishlist for like ever! lol i can't believe she's mine :heart: :love:
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  11. Stunning! Is this the new black?
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  12. Another neverfull DE in MM size. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396497059.122424.jpg

    Zippy organizer wallet, mini pochette, trousse ronde 20, coach cosmetic bag with my 2.5 year old son's necessities (diaper, wipes, hand wipes, a few hot wheels, snacks), a reusable oscar the grouch envirosac, a small reusable snack pouch, and my shades! The pocket holds my hand sanitizer, and car keys! I am sizing down from a GM, so things are a bit more packed in.
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  13. Love your trousse... soooo cute!

  14. Thank you!! I love it so much
  15. Two words...Love it!