What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. Can’t rave enough about Samorga inserts. This is heather grey for Hermès 30 Birkin, but I use it easily inside my LV speedy 30 and 35 as well.

    This light color makes all my SLGs easy to find.

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  2. Heading out with my Montsouris GM for the weekend. I have with me my Louis Vuitton large ring agenda, small ring agenda, pochette accessories, business card holder in vernis, sunglass case, Prada reading glasses and my cosmetic pouch pm. IMG_20190413_1310517.jpg
  3. How do you like the sun glass case?? Is it too slim for your glasses? TIA!!:smile:
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  4. What’s inside my rainy day bag; left My Graceful at home to stay dry.
    IMG_5421.JPG IMG_5426.JPG
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  5. It fits my sunglasses perfectly. Can fit large sunglasses but may not fit the oversized ones.
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  6. The cosmetic pouch fits nicely in the middle pocket of the PM
  7. Today's necessities for work all inside my Speedy B 30 from 2014.

  8. Nice! I have that same Gucci sunglasses case
  9. Besides loving the stuff inside your bag,:heart: may I ask who makes that clear bag? I love it!! :heart:
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  10. ''
    i have never seen a version of these transparent Kelly's! Where did you get it? The ones you see are all the 'briefcase' style ones where the sangles are not functional... what a fabulous rare piece!
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  11. Found this!
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