What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

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  1. It's insanely hot and sunny today in Frankfurt as well! Like I said - crazy!

    It's Troika and I got it from Amazon. (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B011D4CGC6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
    I've hooked it onto the zipper, and so far it hasn't left any scratches or anything so that's great!
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  2. found and ordered - I'm quite excited!
  3. It's great & super useful! Plus it's so light it doesn't add any weight. You just pull it and the light turns on - bright enough for you to find anything in the the dark whole that is the inside of our bags sometimes!
  4. I've been transferring my stuff from Balenciaga Day into Mulberry Daria hobo, dumped all cases, pouches, packs, etc, and so on on my bed
    my husband was passing me by, and with an absolutely poker-face he tells me: looking for a washing machine???
    I know what WE, bag maniacs are saying "carry the sink in your bag", but my husband is nowhere close to our slang... he just cracked me up!! I couldn't stop laughing...
    do we really look THAT odd??? :smile:))))
  5. [​IMG]
    A velociraptor...
  6. Classic (regular) size Lily ~ my BV keycase, Chanel O pouch, Gucci blooms card case & my iPhone 6+plus IMG_1473077914.323793.jpg
  7. I have the same Lily, absolutely love it and wear it all the time :heart:
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  8. IMG_3803.JPG
    This beauty has moved to a new owner but not before I got to try using it as a changing bag. It fit my cards, my iPhone 6 and a diaper quite comfortably ;)
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  9. sweet! We are Lily bag twins then! Glad you love & wear her often!
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  10. Oxblood nvt bays & I attacked a book sale together.:yahoo:
    oxblood nvt bays @ book sale.jpg
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  11. Riding the rails once again, this time off to see DBF&his kids for Fathers' Day. Lovely little Leddie came along. She had a visit to the M repairs earlier ths year to fix the melting inking on the handles and they did an awesome job - even managed to clean most of the mess off as well!

    This is what she's carrying for me;
    M LLP in M Pink (early, preloved Christmas pressie from me to me)
    Lancel key pouch
    Hat and gloves
    Bus card
    Hair ties
    Two silver rings
    Snack bar
  12. EW Bays
    She is quite roomy despite her modest look, easily took on board:
    BV Card case (canard)
    BV French wallet (red)
    Pack of tissues
    BV Blue pouch (lippy, wet wipes, pressed, powder, etc)
    Mulberry bloom pouch in oxblood (note pad, pen, bills, loose papers)
    Plus on top I keep my phone and keys, if needed
  13. In my wonderful regular Mabel (please, can anyone tell me what leather this is? Antique glacé, goat, or SSL, or something else? I ask so that I know what tlc I should give her):

    Yes, TWO purse organizers are in there, one chock-full of SLGs and assorted stuff, plus a flat zippered one I use for the tablet, cables, earbuds, USBs... Again, it´s a regular, not a large, and as you can see there is still plenty of room left (wonder how much else a large fits!):


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  14. Can you take a closer picture of the leather?
  15. Oops, right you are, here they are! I don´t even remember the proper colour name, whether it´s plain orange, burnt orange, coral, or pumpkin...:



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