What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

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  1. As inspired by Ali-Bagpuss who noted that there were threads like this in the other forums, I thought I'd start one here :smile: Anyway, I like being nosey :graucho:

    So, what's in your bag? Here's mine:

    Bag - Oak E/W Bayswater.

    Pink Radley purse (hopefully to be replaced with an Oak or black Mulberry one!)
    Pucci soft leather coin purse in shades of pink and beige
    Pink Aspinal heart shaped keyring for my home keys
    Blue Aspinal heart shaped keyring for the keys to my friend's place in Shropshire
    Pink Aspinal pen pouch containing silver Parker rollerball and Paperchase pencil
    Pink Paperchase mid year diary
    Pink LG Chocolate phone with lucky Chinese cat charm
    Pink USB data key
    Pink mini Maglite
    Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
    £15 M&S voucher (xmas pressie from my aunt, dunno what to get yet!)
    Brown (yes brown!!!) Radley travelcard holder
    One of my personal geocoins (I'm into geocaching)....whoa that is pink too

    ....seriously I never thought I was someone who was really into pink! :wtf:
  2. OK, here's mine.
    Chocolate congo leather long flap purse - Mulberry.
    Black congo zip top cosmetic bag - Mulberry.
    Black congo leather agenda organiser - Mulberry.
    Keys to my Mini with mini key fob & pink classic Mini keyring - M&S for breast cancer.
    Keys to house etc with pink heart keyring.
    Magenta pink Samsung mobile phone.
    Watermans silver fountain pen & Watermans silver roller pen.
    Business cards in multi-stripe & silver card holder.
    D&G sunnies.
    Hair clip - for hair when my roof is down.
  3. and mine oak bays
    Paul smith wallet
    Paul smith make up bag
    Dior sunnies
    baby wipes
    chewing gum
    buisness card holder
    keys to my new Golf GTI in red (i think i love this more than my husband!!) with mulberry silver heart keyring (i think i love this more than my husband!!)
    pens in a cover
  4. in my choco ivy bayswater:

    radley wallet (hopefully will get a mulberry one at the may meet!)
    coach wristlet - containing pens, mini maglite, swiss army knife, nurofen tablets, lipsalve etc
    radley coin purse - tampon holder!!!
    pack of baby wipes
    keys - on a coach keyring with little blue leather bag!!!
    mobile phone (although more often it's in my back pocket!!!)

    em think that's it!

    then when i use my Antony
    radley wallet,
    coach wristlet
    slim pack of baby wipes
    mobile phone
  5. Jo - just love the fact you carry a swiss army knife - surprised there's not a pop up tent in there too!!
  6. I like to 'be prepared' !!!!!!! actually the most useful thing in it is the tooth-pick!:P
  7. In my black Annie :heart::

    Sunglasses in case
    Mulberry small oak wallet
    MAC make up bag containing lip balm, lip gloss, small mirror, tampons, Rescue Remedy and painkillers
    Two mobiles (in process of changing from one contract to another today)
    Flat keys on Mulberry silver heart keyring
    Car keys on keyring
    Ipod in case
    New car tax
  8. Just had a rummage in the bottom of Hanover & found my pink ipod! Was wondering where it had gone! Realised two things - I've got a pink thing going on like Goldfinch & I needed to clear out my bags more often!
  9. Oak Bayswater
    Louis Vuitton French purse (wallet)
    Coach card case for business cards
    Car & house keys with Coach "D"
    Kipling pencil case for make up (wish to buy something Mulberry soon...)
    Little notebook
    Aurora (Italian) pen
    Swiss Army knife (the girl scout in me)
    Lighter (for same reason: be prepared. Nancy Drew said to always have matches to send up smoke signals!)
    Frederick Fekkai purse comb (fabulous!)
  10. My god - if we all clubbed together we could have our own Enid Blyton adventure!
  11. Kate Spade wallet
    makeup bag
    murder book (novel, not a how-to)
    hand cream
    swiss army knife is in makeup bag
    a couple of recipes (?)
    pink cell phone
  12. :shocked: wonders if meeting all these swiss army knife weilding women is a good idea.
  13. I was thinking the same thing! They've all got them - talk about being prepared!
  14. A Swiss Army knife can get you out of a lot of trouble in life and is good for slicing cheese. sausage, bread, fruit when you're traveling and picnicking...opening a bottle of wine...cutting the tags of your Mulberry the minute you get it out of the store so you can use it right away...
  15. I don't suppose you all happen to have the little pink swiss amy knife that was originally being sold on behalf of breast cancer? Cos I want that one :smile: