What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

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  1. This morning in my Bayswater:
    - File folder stuffed with work documents
    - Books for work: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk and a book on mindfulness
    - Kate Spade wallet (I need to get a new cardholder so I have more room)
    - makeup pouch with necessities
    - other pouch with pens, sticky notes, and notepad
    - phone and charger
    - water bottle (only in there for about 5 mins)
  2. In my black Mini Lily:
    iPhone 7 - rose gold
    3 cards in slots
    Small black coin purse
    Chewing gum
    I travel light!
  3. Here is what's in my black Small Cheyne:



    My new wallet - Celine Medium Strap
    Card case - Coach Rocket
    Pouches with lip balm, lipstick, perfume roller, pen, hand sanitizer, eye drops, pads, tampons
    l'ocittane hand lotion
    Backup headphones
    Coach mirror key ring
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  4. Hi all and greetings. New to tpf but have one mulberry bayswater in fuschia which I love. I carry all the usual essentials purse keys phone sunglasses and reading glasses. I love that my iPad fits in it and I have a little Kath Kidston folded up shopping bag too. I'm thinking about getting or making an organiser for it as I find my phone is always bottom of the pile.
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  5. IMG_3363.JPG My regular Alexa contains an organiser holding:
    Radley small frame purse, Dior sunglasses, notebook, Filofax mini, tissues, Cath Kidston umbrella, hairbrush, lipsalve, work pass and toiletries in the organiser pockets.
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  6. In my Alexa, I have:

    Snoopy Moleskin note books and two ball pens to go with it
    2 x Hair bands
    Soap & Glory Hand Food
    Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado hand cream
    Marc Jacobs perfume sample as a emergency perfume
    Burts Bee Lip balm
    no.7 lip gloss
    Tampon & sanitary towel in the compartment
    Freshets from Qatar Airways flights as emergency wet wipes
    Jack Wills scarf
    Mulberry Tree French purse
    Work phone - iPhone 5s

    Usually would also be in the bag:
    Personal phone - iPhone 6s
    Car key and apartment key
    Bvlgari sunglasses

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  7. I apologise if this has already been done (there's a lot to look through) but I'm thinking of buying the Mini Zipped Bayswater, can anyone show/tell me how much they fit into theirs please? Thank you.
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  8. I have a mini zipped in primrose pink and I managed to fit a small Chanel wallet, two iPhone 8 mobile phones (1 is my work phone), a small makeup pouch that is about 5inches long, two packets of tissue as well as a light cardigan. There is still a bit of space for a small diary planner (LV small agenda would be perfect). Sorry didn’t have time to take a photo but hope the above description helps your decision making somewhat.
  9. Yes this helps a lot thank you so much. Quite roomy for a little’n then.
  10. IMG_20180301_160914.jpg IMG_20180301_161026.jpg
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  11. Mulberry large Jamie in Black Calfskin.

    I carry a fair amount and love this bag however always wear her as a shoulder bag as think the weight would be too much to wear her as a crossbody.

    I’m carrying;
    - Mulberry Mitzy crinkled patent pouch in indigo which has my inhalers, ibruprofen, sickness bands, plasters, hair ties, migraleve, codiene, spare body moisturiser (Rituals, Rituals of Sakura), vicks inhaler and Beconase spray.
    - Kobo Aura with purple leather smart case off Amazon
    - Mulberry Blossom makeup bag in Peony Pink stuffed with makeup like Charlotte Tilbury and Estée Lauder bits and bobs
    - Mulberry Blossom purse in Oxblood
    - Specsavers glasses in purple case
    - Anker iPhone charge bank
    - Beautyblender Blotterazzi
    - CB12 gum (addicted to this, it lasts for HOURS. Love it)
    - Wet wipes
    - Boots glasses wipes
    - Kleenex pocket tissues
    - Hand Lotion from Rituals, Rituals of Sakura
    - Kleenex Mansize Tissues (in sandwich bag)
    - YoYo Bear Strawberry (addicted to these yummy snacks)
    - Karl Lagerfeld scarf
    - iPhone 6
    - Sennheiser pouch with inner ears
    - mints
    - hair clips
    - invisibobble (love these)

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  12. Bayswater Oak bag
    Mulberry long lock purse (oak)
    Victoria Secrets lip pump
    Ted Baker Pen
    Ted Baker Umbrella
    Ted Baker Gloves
    Moncler wooly Hat
    (I do live in the UK hence the above 3 items)
    Post office receipt
    That’s it!!!!!! My life is pretty bog standard, or I’m just a tidy freak!!!

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  13. E8970012-3BC3-481D-9E56-960800BB74A2.jpeg My mini Amberley contents as mentioned on another thread.

    iPhone 6 Plus in a leather flip case just fitted (now have a regular sized 8 in a mulberry case)
    Small coach wallet
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  14. What’s in my Mulberry Medium Lily (black glossy goat with Nickel hardware):
    iPhone 6s+ Rosegold in a Vanilla Michael Kors wallet case
    Louis Vuitton monogram 4 key case w/8 keys & a Smythson Bond Street Panama Heart key ring (red) attached
    Kindle Paperwhite
    YSL Black Opium hair mist (also use as perfume!)
    Kate Spade Saturday coin purse (green)
    Mulberry zip card holder used as wallet (dusty pink)
    Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (full size tube)
    Apple earphones (cord kind in square compact wrap case)
    Silver cylinder pill holder
    Swarovski diamanté pen
    Dearborn Music pen
    Mulberry fob with lock for this bag (don’t like it attached to bag as it makes fast chain adjustment hard)
    Trebor Extra Strong mints roll
    Plaid Scrunchie
    Mademoiselle Buly folding comb (in red velvet case)
    Mason Pearson small blue nylon/bristle hair brush
    Anker portable charger w/cord
    Louis Vuitton Monogram Cles (contents: 2 orthopiks, CVS brand blotting sheets, black skinny hair tie, tiny clear hair ties, 3 bobby pins, 2 individually wrapped q tips, 2 individually wrapped alcohol pads, 2 Band Aids)
  15. Lip gloss
    Wet wipes
    Cash and Card