What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

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  1. Hmmm I'm not much wiser, sorry. It looks more like calf to me, doesn't look grainy enough to be goatskin, but I'm not sure, I hope someone else chimes in! I do love the colour, it's beautiful :smile:
  2. Thank you, Pessie! I´ll wait, then, to be sure what leather it´s made of before I do anything to her. It was the colour which got me first - perfect for dreary nippy winter days!
  3. Hello Pimpernel, congrats for you beautiful bag. I'm sure it's not antique glacé because of the structure. It reminds me of burnt peach soft matte leather as shown in this bag here:
    But I'm not sure. ..:confused1:
  4. Hi Pimpernel - your Mabel is called orange, and the leather is refined grain.

  5. Thank you very much, MiniMabel! Now I can find out how to treat her properly. This is such a practical, sturdy, light and fun handbag, and I wish Mulberry hadn´t discontinued it!
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  6. Could somebody please show me what would fit into Mulberry Primrose!!! It's one of my unicorn bags but I'm a bit worried about the pyramid shape and how much stuff would actually fit into it. It does look quite a spacious bag but is it really???
  7. It really is spacious. It fits more than one would think. I sold mine on, so I cannot post photos, but it' s the perfect medium sized bag and also quite light. If it's your unicorn bag, go for it! You won't regret it.
  8. In my new Cara Medium Oxblood I have;
    Mulberry makeup bag in Peony Pink (love this SO much) which holds powder, compact hairbrush, lip liner, YSL Touché Eclat, Estée Lauder makeup, nail file and has a zip in the back wall inside where I keep my sea bands, tooth flossers and tweezers.
    Kobo Aura (with purple leather jacket)
    Mulberry Blossom purse in Oxblood
    Specsavers glasses
    Blotterazzi by Beautyblender (re-usable/washable face blotter for tres oily skin)
    Bag with Kleenex Mansize in (obsessed with these and may actually be a 90yr old woman)
    Wet Wipes (must have)
    Kleenex handbag tissues
    Soap & Glory Hand Food cream
    Sennheiser earphone pouch with earphones and inhalers
    Keys with Percy the Pig
    Leopard print Accessorize scarf (I don't leave the house without it!)
    Pale blue Oliver Bonas leather pouch with pain killers, perfume, glasses wipes and gum.

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  9. And along for the ride is Henry...

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  10. Waterwipes, anti-bac gel, hairbrush and lipstick - oh and purse!
  11. I love how organised this is!
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  12. Try collonil 1909 the cream is a cleaner and will remove any scratches etc top up with the lotion which is the best moisturiser for nourishing older dry leather then seal with any waterproofer you like it will be as new I have the same leather in black large Mabel and 8 Mabel's in various leathers and colours - I use 1909 on everything -enjoy
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  13. Thanks but I'm pretty sure I have significant handbag OCD!!!

    I'm partially sighted so if I'm having a bad day it helps to know stuff stays in the same place...

    Some of my slouchier Mulberry bags drive me nuts as things jumble about when I walk, so that's why I have pouches for most things now
  14. Heres mine
    Vivienne Westwood gold purse
    paracetamol in a small tin
    Car/house keys
    2 pens
    bitter lemon sweets 2
    body shop hemp hand cream
    some receipts/ all rubbish lol :smile:
  15. My bag is a Cara in Medium Oxblood - LOVE HER TO DEATH even though she is as vulnerable as a baby

    - Sunglasses RayBan
    - Wallet WERA
    - Glasses with 50% dark lenses for my headaches Persol
    - Umbrella
    - Pen
    - Small notebook
    - Headphones + adapter to share
    - Whatever book I'm reading
    - Water bottle (must have I'm a desert all year around)
    - Lipgloss/lipstick + chapstick (as I said desert)
    - Gum
    - Phone charger
    - Ear pluggs for flying - thingy
    - House keys
    - TONS of receipts

    Such boring content haha

    What I CAN fit

    - iPad without any problem
    - 2 pairs of sweatshirts (if it's empty)