What perfume are you buying next?

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  1. Wow, it sounds like a lot of these are more easily available overseas than here in the US? That is puzzling, why are they limiting distribution over here? I mean, you would think they would want to have a wider market, especially over here. Anyway, clearly, I am late to the party, especially where some of these perfumes are concerned.

    Thank you for the descriptions of these fragrances; I now have a little list of what I'd like to try. Bois d'Argent sounds lovely. And so does Feve Delicieuse. I don't mind a hint of sweetness in some of my winter fragrances. I just can't do sweet in the warmer months, but I'm fine with wearing some perfumes with a trace of sweetness in winter.

    I put Oud Ispahan on my list as well, but I think I will skip Leather Oud. My tolerance for oud in general has increased over the last few months but overall, I still prefer if it doesn't play a prominent role in the perfumes I wear. In any case, it sounds like it would be hard to find. My travel plans are still in the very early planning stage, but it will be closer to the holidays, when I will be visiting my brother and his family. By then, many of these may not even be available anymore!

    The trend for sheer and light fragrances seems to everywhere, including here in the States. I agree, I wish that companies would keep the more complex perfumes for the people that want them, and then they can also make the light fragrances for those that prefer to buy them.
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    Thank you, yes, I am not getting the discovery set. And I also decided to skip getting the full bottle of Encens Mythique d'Orient since I am not absolutely sure about that one. I actually prefer the amount that comes out of the small sample spray so I might just get another sample for now. With most of my perfumes, I usually only spray about four to five sprays, sometimes even less depending on the perfume, so it takes me forever to even use up a quarter of a bottle. Anyway, a large bottle of this Guerlain might just be too much for me. It would be nice if they offered smaller sized bottles.
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  3. Well, it is their exclusive line, so I understand the limited distribution. I do prefer that to the total market saturation approach that Tom Ford takes with his (rather overrated) private blends. I just wish that the distribution wasn't SO limited that you have to go to Paris just to acquire some of them.

    Overseas markets also have these in 40ml bottles. I really wish we had those, too, and that's the size I grabbed for Santal Noir when I was abroad last month. 125ml is the smallest we have, and I really don't need that much at this point.
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  4. Yeah, I understand the need for limited distribution; Chanel does this too. But it would be nice if maybe the SA's had the ability to place special orders for customers here that wanted them. Oh well, maybe I will just have to plan a trip to Paris sometime!:lol: I was there several years ago but was more into sight-seeing, and gave myself very little time to check out the stores.

    I would get a 100 ml bottle if I really, truly loved the fragrance and that was the only size available. But other than that, I think 30 ml to 50 ml is just perfect!
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  5. I have around 2 litres of Dior perfume and there is not enough life left to use it all up :smile:
    I wish they had smaller bottles
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    I even had 100 ml back-ups of some bottles! Don't know what I was thinking when I bought them. :facepalm: :whut:

    Anyway, I re-homed most of the back-ups recently (just kept two that I really love).
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  7. I have 250ml of Bois d'Argent alone. I thought it made sense when I bought it because it's such a versatile fragrance, but now I realize I'll probably never finish it because of all that I have.

    From now on, I think I'm gonna try to stick to the 40ml bottles from Dior. I'll just have to wait to buy them when I'm overseas.
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  8. I know! I loved Mitzah and decided to get another bottle when I heard that they were being discontinued. Now I own half a litre sbcan not even using it
  9. Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche. Wanted this for the longest time.
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  10. Just bought these -


  11. As the bottles are near empty, Lacoste Pour Femme and Alyssa Ashley CocoVanilla both need to be repurchased.
  12. Maybe Tom Ford Metalique or Mancera Black Vanilla
  13. Santal Noire Dior
  14. If I will buy, I will buy some flacons at once.
    Rachel Neela Vermeire, Faubourg parfait Hermes, Hiram Green Lustre and Malle Rose en Cuir ( if I like it:smile:)
  15. LV's new Coeur Battant - love it!