What perfume are you buying next?

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  1. I am always looking for a new fragrance. Spring is coming what fragrance are you thinking of buying?
  2. Im thinking of buying Live in Love, Oscar de la Renta. Smells springy!
  3. I am very interested in Chloes new one...L'eau de Chloe.

    I love the GREEN colour, which is silly...and I love Sephora's description of it. It contains alot of rose water, which sounds like a good thing...
  4. Yes, this one is pretty...very fresh...
  5. I smelled it in Nordstrom's this weekend. I like it. Definitely a good warm weather scent.
  6. hahaha, me again!!...I also want to smell Christian Diors new take on Miss Dior Cherie...eau freche...my SA went to Dior beauty school last week, and she said that it smells amazing and so pretty. She admits to not liking J'adore, or Miss dior Cherie, so i kinda think she is being honest, and not just trying to get me to want it...
  7. I will have to smell it. I dont like Miss Dior Cherie so I may like the eau fraiche. I dont like Chanel Chance but like the eau fraiche so maybe it will be the same situation :lol:
  8. There's a few I'm planning to get soon:
    Miss Dior Chèire
    Belle D'Opium by YSL
    Freak by Illamasqua
  9. Tocca Florence; I'm interested in the new L'eau de Chloe.
  10. Love Chloé. My mother is getting it for me, at the airport, so I will have it in two weeks. I`m not 100% sure about the scent, but I have liked.
  11. I'm back and forth between Byredo Rose Noir and Frederic Malle Carnal Flower. I'm going to get one this weekend so I need to decide!
  12. Maison Martin Margeilia "Untitled"
  13. Escada - Taj Sunset
    Jimmy Choo
    Prada - Candy (maybe)
  14. Carnal Flower, Un Bois Vanille :smile: