What perfume are you buying next?

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  1. I quite recently bought the Attrapé-rêves by LV and LOVE that scent! But today I got 3 samples of Cartier perfumes and the one called Carat has made me obsessed, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get the Cartier Carat perfume when going to London in a couple of weeks:smile:
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  2. Louis Vuitton Dans La Peau **refill. I just finished up my first bottle...took 2 years!
  3. Chanel Chance Eau tendre. I always repurchase when I finish a bottle.
  4. The bottles from House of Sillage don't appeal to me either; they look like cupcakes! The travel sprays sound like a good idea.

    These days, I have been making a conscious effort to buy perfume in smaller sizes such as travel sprays or 30 ml, unless it is a perfume I love, in which case I will get the 100 ml. With Maison Francis Kurkdjian, I just went with their discovery collection, a set of 8 travel sprays, with each being about 11 ml. I might get Grand Soir in the larger size when I finish my travel spray.
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  5. Gabrielle Chanel!
  6. I am the same. I will only buy 100 ml if that's the smallest size I can get. Even a 10 ml bottle lasts forever given the number of bottles I have acquired.
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  7. When I first started buying perfume, I always selected the 100 ml bottle. The SA's usually always recommend the 100 ml, and it seemed like a good deal at that time. But now, my collection is just too large! I have some vintage perfumes that were handed down to me as well, and then there's all the stuff I have purchased.
    And I agree, even a 10 ml bottle lasts for a long time, especially when they are the stronger fragrances; with those, I just use one or two sprays and I can smell the perfume for several hours.
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  8. I just purchased the travel size of Perfumes de Marly Delina. This is a blind buy for me :facepalm:
    But the NAS price is okay and it has mostly good reviews so I said what the heck. I just got overwhelmed trying to suss out the Amouage scents, there are so many! I was able to get a few samples, and really like Gold, but the sillage is too powerful for me to wear it outside of the house- unless I’m actually outside.
    Also checking out DSH, which is even more confusing. Do any of you have any favorites from either of those lines.
  9. My favorite Amouages that I've been able to sample well are Jubilation, Journey, and Interlude--the men's for each. I'd like to be be able to give Lyric a better sampling.
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  10. I don’t think I sampled any of those! Thank you for the recommendations, I will put them on my list and ask next time I am at the boutique.
  11. Sometimes, I like to transfer very strong perfumes like Gold into a rollerball or a small decant spray bottle because it is easier to control the level of application. I do this with Chanel No. 22 because the sprayer on my large bottle dispenses a lot of perfume and it can be too much for me at times, but I can wear and enjoy it much better when I apply it from a rollberball.
  12. Great idea! Where do you buy these, and is there a specific brand? It would be great to be able to carry a small decant in my purse, but would be afraid of leakage.
  13. I ordered the women’s Amouage sample set from Twisted Lily. It just got here and I can’t wait to dive in! Also got a bottle of Maria Candida Gentile ‘Burlesque’ which sounded fun. Yup, another blind buy. On one of the perfume blogs someone said they liked playing ‘frag roulette’. I guess I’m hooked, too.
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  14. I bought mine a while ago on Amazon. No specific brand, I usually prefer items that are shipped and sold by Amazon, whenever possible. Just type "perfume roller bottles" in the search bar on the Amazon site and many options will pop up.

    I rarely carry a decant/perfume in my purse, as I am afraid of leakages as well. If you really want to carry a decant in your purse, maybe try putting it in a ziploc bag for extra protection against leakages.
  15. Krigler Blue Escapade