What is your favorite Vernis color of all time?

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  1. Amarante, never mind the fingerprints.
  2. Bleu lagoon!!!
  3. Amaranthe, love how it looks almost black sometimes and then fiery shimmery intense red in sunlight
  4. Beige Poudre is one of my fave's as it is changes colour in the sun light, office light and it can look like golden sand at one angle, then a real nude colour....but it has great pink undertones. I am yet to find any outfit it does not match.

    Also love Pomme, Framboise....
  5. Amarante - depending on the light it can take on different shades.
  6. [​IMG]

    Gone from my collection now but I always felt so great carrying them. Wish I had at least the cles back
  7. Amarante then pomme
  8. Bleu nuit :smile: I just love the teal undertones of it
  9. A while back, I would have said Pomme (which I do still love). Now I would say Amarante.:smile:
  10. Same position - I missed out the first time and have been dying ever since for second chance at bleu lagon!
  11. Rose Indien because I love pink so much and this one is so vibrant, it makes my day when I see it.
  12. Beige poudre & rose velours!
  13. Think I'd have to say Bleu Nuit. I love Pomme too, though. Those are the only two Vernis colours I own.
  14. I have had blue lagoon, pomme, amarante, rouge grenadine and rose indian. I sold all but the Indian Rose. That has to be my favorite. I just sold my beautiful blue lagoon and a week later regret it:sad: That would have to be a close second.
  15. grand bleu...very luxurious looking lol