What is your favorite Vernis color of all time?

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  1. Rouge Fauviste :loveeyes:
  2. Rose pop, pomme, violette( really wish I was into LV when that came out and I just ordered a zippy coin purse in amthysth sp? Which I think will be a new favorite!
  3. Rose pop, probably not very practical for handbags but I just like pink.
  4. Pomme! And that creamy pale yellow colour is gorgeous.. What's it called?
  5. Amarante :smile:
  6. I'd say Pomme, I can't look away, it just reminds me of a stunning red manicure every time I see it lol

    Amarante is a close second, it's so bold and rich. Mysterious!
  7. Bleu Infini for bags ~ deep navy that matches every outfit
    Pomme, Rose Pop and Framboise for SLGs~ pop of colour in the bag
  8. Citrine. Was checking out Vernis for over a year but nothing quite clicked within me. The second I laid eyes on Citrine, I got the colour as an Alma BB:love:
  9. Amarante! Rich and doesn't scream LV IMO. I don't mind the fingerprints either :smile:
  10. Pomme!! Perfect shade of red!!!!
  11. Indian Rose and Amarante
  12. I'm not a huge fan of vernis for bags but love it for shoes - amarante is gorgeous.
  13. Lilas!
    So light and fresh!
  14. Grand bleu:smile: i have a zcp in this and its stunning like a midnight sky:smile:
  15. Bleu lagoon!!