What is your favorite Vernis color of all time?

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  1. and why? Ready go!
  2. Pomme! My favourite colour is red... Simple haha. Plus I love the glitter and shimmer.
  3. My favorite Vernis color at this point in time is Rose Angelique. It's such a pretty pink and I do love me some pink! :cutesy:
  4. Pomme! It's a beautiful rich ruby red, I love how it sparkles in brighter light
  5. I dont have any vernis.. Always scared to buy one. Because i live in a humid country, and hot weather everyday. But if one day i have, it will be pomme. Very preety.
  6. Amarante and pomme!
    Amarante is a gorgeous neutral color. And pomme is just a nice pop of color.
  7. I prefer the older vernis colors - marshmallow was the prettiest pink. The peppermint color was stunning. I tried twice for an amarante clutch - Rossmore and the LE Pershing square - both were exchanged for other bags. I sold my Marshmallow vernis bag and now only have pomme which is pretty enough but my love affair with vernis is over unless LV sticks with non-embossed logo-ed bags. I'm very found of that trend. The rose indien was gorgeous
  8. Grand bleu! I saw it in an alma and it was stunning!
  9. indian rose :smile:
  10. For bags - amarante, so classy and versatile
    For slg's - pomme, so bright, adds a nice pop of color to your bag
  11. Givre :smile:
  12. +1
  13. Pomme and Grand Bleu! .... I have an Alma in Pomme... I wish they'd make the BB in GB, would definitely add that to my collection!
  14. Bronze and Vert Impression.
  15. Pomme. There is nothing classier than the perfect shade of red.