What is your favorite Vernis color of all time?

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  1. Lagon and rouge grenadine :smile:
  2. Pomme D'amore
  3. BLEU NUIT!! and POMME.
  4. Totally love Gris Art Deco! I love using my Amarante and Pomme SLG's in my Gris and silver bags! That pop of color against the neutral is divine!
  5. Rose angelique, so pretty. :biggrin:
  6. Pomme, always and forever!
  7. Pomme & Blue Infini! The best of both worlds!!
  8. Amarante and Pomme :love:
  9. Bleu nuit!
  10. rose pop and indian rose :hbeat:
  11. Pomme, Indian rose, and rouge fauviste
  12. Rose Velours ;)
  13. And blue lagoon
  14. Pomme, Indian Rose and Rose Velours!!
  15. Rose pop :smile: