What is your favorite Vernis color of all time?

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  1. Indian Rose
  2. Pomme
  3. Amarante, Grand Bleu, and Bleu Lagoon. :P
  4. +1
  5. Pomme
  6. Pomme
  7. Pomme :heart:
  8. Well that's easy! Pomme!! My only Vernis bag is Amarante. It's beautiful but I really wanted Pomme but it was hard to come by at the time.
  9. Amarante!!!😍
  10. Amarante
  11. Pomme
  12. Rose & Pomme!

    You only have one life to live, so live it well my friends!

    LV's in action:
    Mono Speedy 40
    DE 30 Papillon
    Mono Elise
    Mono Viva Cite PM

    MIA (wish list)
    Totally in DE
    Alma BB in Rose Vernis
    Alma Epi Figue
    Artsy Azur

    Chanel in action:
    White Cambon quilted bowler
  13. amarante
  14. I'm still holding with Rose Angelique - but now my Lilas is a really close second. Then there's Blue Lagon. I really like Vernis. I just take extra care with it so as not to get color transfer.
  15. Lilas and Amarante :smile: