what is your all time favorite watch?

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  1. Cartier
  2. I usually wear my Rolex Ladies Oyster Datejust but mix it up with my 44mm Panerai depending on my mood.

    Next watch will be either the Panerai 45mm Black Seal or a Zenith. I love the way Vaucheron Constantins look but refuse to pay that much money for a quartz movement.
  3. Citizen Eco-Drive. No battery needed ever. It's powered by light (and waterproof).
  4. i love love loveeee gucci watches....i have a few...but the thing is i always forget to wear them!

    haha i need to be more disiciplined!!!! :sad:
  5. cartier
  6. I have a Rolex and my lady has an Omega. We love them!
  7. This is my old watch which i've been using for the past year.. and i'll continue to use it while at shows/concerts and other simular stuff.. Pink swarvoski crystals and gold plated.. I got more compliments on this than most things i wear!

    And my new watch.. because as the crystals were falling off my other one i realized i needed something that was going to last me many years.. I'm in love:heart:
  8. I'm planning on getting the Cartier Santos Demoiselle in stainless steel/ gold for my birthday. I'm still trying to decide between the smaller and the bigger model. Does anyone have this watch? When do you wear it? I thought if I got the smaller one I could wear it as an everyday watch as well as for going out.
  9. LV
  10. I love Movado, but someday I will buy a Tag H - possibly a Gucci watch too, but I don't believe in owning more than 1 watch at a time...personally, I just don't see the point in having so many watches -they just sit around....guess that could be the same point my husband has about all my purses -HA! HA!
  11. I love my Omega.
    Haven't found my next target yet. But this watch looks too cool.

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  12. My dad is a watch-a-holic! He prefers quality while I prefer style/looks, so our tastes differ a bit.

    MY favorites:

    ESQ (first watch I ever got!)
    Tag Heuer

    DAD's favorites:

    Girrard-Perregeaux (sorry can't spell!)
    Patek Phillipe

    oh, and my mom wanted me to add that she adores Philip Stein :shame:

  13. I have the SS santos demoiselle, the small one. My writsts are tiny and the bigger one didn't look right on me IMO. I wear it every day and I love it! It's a great watch, classy and goes with everything. :love: :yes:
  14. Gucci and Movado