what is your all time favorite watch?

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  1. Thanks, Everything Posh. :flowers:I'll try on both and see which one I like more. The price difference isn't that much...
  2. -Cartier
    -Chanel J12
    -Van Cleef
  3. I have two favourite watches... one from Jette Joop, one from Emporio Armani... I also have one of those 'I :heart: D&G' watches which is amazingly beautiful, but impossible to read, lol. Plus it's damned uncomfortable... I usually wear it as a bracelet w/out the 'I :heart:'...
  4. I have a gucci that I haven't had any problems with and a couple of Michele watches. I started out with the mini urban and then bought the csx33 with diamonds. I have recently decided I NEED a rolex though so that is what I'm saving for now. I had hoped I'd be happy with a pre-owned one but after looking at the new ones and the improvements they have made I think I'm going to have to get a new one.
  5. Here are my two favorites. The top watch is a Cartier and the bottom is a Movado. I wear the Movado more often:


  6. Cartier Tank with pink pearl background! :heart: the one I got for Christmas! I guess anything Cartier esp. with bling is always nice for me :yes:
  7. I have a Gucci (from years ago - I got it for my 16th) but it ran out of battery and Yes! the clasp was loose so it kept falling off. Annoying.

    So now I wear a Tag diamond aquaracer with a pink MOP face. V pretty.

    And I am looking into getting either a Cartier tank francaise or a Roadster.

    My favourite watch brand would have to be: Cartier. No question. Everything else for me would be a compromise.
  8. My parents giften me a fullgold mini santos damoseille with diamonds for their 35th anniversary. it looks beautiful and i wear it on special occassions.
    My daily watch is a limited edition Omega with diamonds.
  9. Hello Friends,

    I am looking to purchase a watch. I really do not have a good one. I have been saving for years! I would just like you to tell me what your favorite watch is if you could only have just one!!

    thankl you:yes:
  10. Ok, I'll be the first. I am in love with the 18k white gold Rolex 34mm (midsize) Pearlmaster with m-o-p diamond dial and double pave' diamond bezel. Yum.. :heart:I'll be saving for a long time..
  11. I can't choose just one as a favorite (I'm a watch ho), but this is the one that is closest to being within my budget. I think I'm going to get it within the next month!

    Hermes Cape Cod Double Tour
  12. ^^^ hee hee: watch ho! :roflmfao:

    I'm seriously into watches also, but I agree with Missrocks: the rolex white gold pearlmaster is probably the pinnacle of my fantasy watches :heart:
  13. it depends on your budget. if i could have just one watch, it will probably be a Rolex. But I also love Cartier, Franck Muller and Patek.
  14. cartier full gold with diamonda and a lovely patek with a silk strap and rose gold. also a jageur le coultre reverso and a full gold rolex encrusted with emeralds and rubies

    faint faint:girlsigh::girlsigh::hysteric::girlsigh::girlsigh::hysteric:
  15. My favorite is Cartier, then patek.