what is your all time favorite watch?

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  1. Hi all,

    This may sound lame but...I have a Mickey Mouse watch with Indiglo that my parents bought me when I was 16....I keep getting it fixed and can't let go.
    I have a bunch of watches like Guess, Tommy, & Fossil.
    I really want to find another watch that I can fall in love with like Mickey...something that will last forever (well a long time for the price), but something that is elegant.

    What is your favorite brand/style of watch? Any problems with it? What is the approx. retail of it and where did you buy it?

  2. Cartier
    - Tank
    - Pasha
    Patek Philippe
  3. Swatch
  4. IMO nothing beats a classic tank watch by Cartier. For a few grand I like Ebel. I have several and have never had a problem with any of them. I especially like my Beluga. Rolex also has some nice timepieces. My husband swears by Zenith. He has two of them. They are a bit pricey though.
  5. Chopard
    David Yurman
  6. Cartier's Pasha. Bought it during Europe trip 5-6 years ago, I love it! Price has gone up since because of the current exchange rate.
  7. CARTIER all the way!
  8. i don't wear watches, but i really like gucci watches.
  9. I own a Michele petit cloquette with a diamond bezzle, but have my eye on a Bedat (also with a diamond bezzle)!!! Also love cartier- they are just as classic and elegant as they come! Franck Muller is another one I am seriously in love with!!!
  10. I have a beautiful $200 Citizen Eco Drive which I love
  11. cartier
  12. Gucci
    Philip Stein
  13. I love my Omega. Would love to have a Cartier too.
  14. -rolex (my staple)
    -patek phillipe
    -audemars piguet (want to have a royal oak)
    -cartier ( just for the style the inside is crap :rolleyes: )
  15. I love Michelle, Tag Heuer and good ol' Swiss Army....I've had no trouble with these watches at all so far, and had them for at least 4-7 years. If I had money to burn my favorites THEN would be a Rolex, a diamond encrusted Tag Heuer or a Cartier! BTW, Twiggers, I do have an old Mickey Mouse watch too! I got when I was about 12...it still works but I don't wear it anymore, I think it might look funny on a 44 yr old?