What do you think of Michael Kors?

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  1. I agree that his clothes are lovely, have not been too impressed by the way his bags look but I don't own one. That's a nice bag though, plain, but that's like all everyday black bags :amuse: Oh I forgot! I saw a pretty black bag on pinkmascara.com. it's a Francisco Biasia sp?, the only thing is that it has gold hardware, which I don't like, Oh and check out the sale on furlausa.com, nice bags there, eg Greta Soft. Good Luck!
  2. nice bag!
  3. I like that bag. Its a classic style that you would have for a long time.
  4. I have several Michael Kors bags. They are very well made and are not as much $$$ as many others. Pricing is reasonable. I think this black bag is pretty nice.
  5. I haven't had much contact with Michael Kors bags, but from pictures that I have seen of some of them, particularly the studded tote bag that so many celebs were photographed carrying, they seem like nice bags for a reasonable price.
  6. I cked out the pinkmasc site and saw the bag your talking about. Something about gold hardware turns me off. I getting ready to ck out furlausa.com Thanks for the headsup!
  7. Here's a nice Michael Kors bag I spotted. It also comes in white or black and it's only $228.

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  8. I am soooooooooooooooo in love w/ his shoes!!!:love:
  9. To me the bag is too plain. I don't like it that much.
  10. i have a smaller camel astor bag that i LOVE of his
  11. The bag is very plain. Its the fell of it I loved. I do wish it had some a little "something" more to it. I still haven't found "exactly" what I'm looking for yet. I welcome suggestions. :idea:
  12. I love the price but the bag doesn't speak to me - I've recently discovered several bags in that price range with a little more pizazz - look at Francesco Biasia, and the new Juicy line (both at Nordstroms). Certainly if you really love it, for heaven's sake, buy it!!
  13. Michael Kors has been very so-so with me. I love the 1st bag. It looks very functional & durable.