What do you think of Michael Kors?

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  1. I just bought this bag, it's from the regular MK line, not Michael by MK:

    it's a little pricey ($1,300) but it's soo beautiful. definitely worth it! It just sold out on their website, too. It's part of their new spring collection.

  2. I hope you got it on sale as it's been on sale at quite a few places like Shopbop!:rolleyes:
  3. I'm not a big fan of MK.
  4. Kors has been either a hit or miss with me. There was a great boston bag that I saw at Macy's marked 50% off to $99! I thought it was pretty cute and would have gotten it but I have already just made a few big purchases. I didn't see many other of his bags that I liked. The one u picked out looks like it will be a good functional bag although I think you could probably do better.
  5. I have a hutton satchel in black (the big buckle one) and I love it - I don't use it a lot b/c it's kinda big, but the leather is so great and it's a staple. I'd love to have another one of his bags in a lighter color leather, a little smaller size.
  6. I find this particular bag a bit plain but I like MK overall. I do think that he is raising his prices way too much since the opening of his new store in Soho. I think what makes his bags great is that they are well made and you get a bang for your buck but if he is going to start charging LV, Gucci prices than I might as well go to LV.
  7. Lovely! A Mom at my daughter's school was toting this exact one around in gunmetal. I loved it!! Her DH got it for her for the holidays as well as a beautiful matching gunmetal Astor wallet! I really liked that tote a lot. She wore it over her shoulder and it was so classy! I think I like over the shoulder styles a bit better - the Astor satchel is cute, but I like to be able to throw it over my shoulder every now and again....
  8. I really like his bags but they are to heavy for me.
  9. I like this one, but in purple - could not find the picture

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  10. Not a fan of MK bags, LOVE the perfume though. I have seen too many of his bags in stores already falling apart, and the ladies here at TPF saying their bags had issues.
  11. I have 3 and I really love them, one is a tote I carry to work everyday. All 3 are logo bags, I have't seen any without the logo that I like enough to buy :shrugs:
  12. I have 2 Michael Kors bags and they are great! Very tough bags but they are also high quality leather and hardware.
  13. I have one similar to the white one with the chain decoration and it weighs a ton, but I like it. Definitely the Michael Kors line is better quality than Michael by Michael Kors. Kinda like Donna Karan versus DKNY or "Marc Jacobs" versus "Marc by Marc Jacobs"
  14. I own two of his bags. A red purse...which I waited until the season was changing and only paid $120 for!!

    And a huge beach bag, which I think was $150.

    I think the stuff is cute, and in the MICHAEL collection is priced great.
  15. I found a large Woodside satchel that I love! Attached is a pic...it's fun bag to carry with the braided handles and gathered sides, and the leather is great!

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