What do you think of Michael Kors?

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  1. I like the woven tote. How much is it and where can I buy one?

  2. Sigh..I have only one Michael Kors..it's gold and is the one smaller rectangle-ish shoulder bag that has the chain and hook closure. Well it's horrible because I've barely used it (only TWICE and LIGHTLY), and the silver chain strap and hook are totally tarnished, spotted and ugly. It's an adorable bag but the tarnished hardware is really unsightly :sad:

    It's the one behind the Coach heart wristlet in this picture:
  3. i dunno, the bags just don't do it for me. is he just riding his project runway wave?
  4. I have a Michael by MK Ashbury Satchel, and it has little silver studs on it with two outside pockets, and I love it. The leather is reallyquite supple for a structured bag. The zipper is very substantial, and I defy it to break on me. I like Michael Kors.

  5. I have this bag in black and it's gorgeous!!! One of my faves. I LOVE Michael Kors.....aside from being reasonably priced...he just makes a great bag.
  6. I own this one (Colgate in black) Haven't had a chance to use her yet, but the leather feels lovely and thick and the hardware looks pretty sturdy.

    I bought it in tan from TJMaxx awhile back, but returned it b.c the color didn't work for me. From a thread on here, I heard that it also came in black, but didn't look into it too seriously. A month later, was looking for a fairly structured bag that would hold my portfolio to take on job interviews... Thought of this bag in black (w. silver hardware :heart: ) and scoured the internet for it. Couldn't find it anywhere. Checked two different TJ's. No luck. Three days before Christmas, I randomly stopped by a third TJ's, was pawing through the purse racks when I saw this baby from behind. That was my Christmas miracle. :love:

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  7. I have a Michael by MK black Concrete Jungle hobo, and it is a great bag. It feels like it was designed to fit me and stays perfectly on my shoulder. The leather is soft, but has a little bit of structure, too. And the lining is great, too. From my experience, I love his bags!
  8. I like it.
  9. Love his clothes and shoes. Would like to see some better bags from his line, though.
  10. omg I HAD the same bag in bright pink and I used it a handful of times. One time I went to my closet to grab it, and found it just repulsively tarnished! I didn't even take it out that night!

    On the other hand, I bought my mom one of the super studded shoulderbags a couple of years ago for her b-day and that one is holding up just fine! The only problem with it was that after a while the handles started to turn a darker color (i'm thinking from dirt, because it was only on the top where it was mostly carried).

    After that she picked up another MK (for 1/4 of the price I paid) at marshal's i think and that one has not yet tarnished...

    anyway, needles to say, i got rid of my pink MK...are u still holding on to yours? did you take it back to where you bought it to see if they can do anything?
  11. I really like Michael Kors bags. I have two of the Michael by Micheal Kors bags and my sister just got one too and I think for the price, they are really nice cute bags. I do agree that the hardware scratches kind of easily, but for the price, I don't really care too much.
  12. The black leather woven tote is currently back up on BG online for $498.
  13. Not loving the bag at all....Looks too plain and old fashioned in my opinion. Try a Tano bag, they seem to be adorable and in similar price range!
  14. I prefer the Michael Kors bags over the Michael by Michael Kors bags. They tend to be softer, and much better quality (IMHO), but they are also much pricier.
  15. I got the Astor Satchel - the large one - it is a perfec bag for everyday - and great price tag!!!!
    I love his clothing line - the upmarket range. Great cut and quality