What do you think of Michael Kors?

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  1. I loooooooooove MK bags. I currently have 3 and they are all of great quality and didn't cost as much as even some more expensive yet "lesser" bags.

    I also love his shoes and clothing line, as they are really designed for mostly every woman to fit into and be comfortable and look amazing.

  2. I own 10 Kors bags and I love them. I tend to prefer the more ornate ones with a lot of hardware. The one drawback about his bags is that the silver hardware on the bags becomes scratched/worn easily. I have seen them in the store already losing some of the silver finish. I have the Astor satchel in three colors and love them. The leather is heavy, durable and od nice quality. My Kors bags seem to be some of my most durable so they are good for every day use.:yes:
  3. I used to like Michael Kors more, but I have a purse where the metal hardware is also tarnishing. It looks really bad. The leather also wears easily too. I've not worn the purse very much, I have carried it about ten times and it's very noticeable since my purse is white and the worn parts are gray :sad: I thought I had gotten it dirty but it's not.
  4. I was in Marshalls today and saw a Michael Kors bag to die for. It was black with a hunter green trim (leather) - sort of hobo style. I wanted it so bad.
  5. I have a Michael Kors wristlet in light blue. Love it! it's cute and I get lots of compliments on it, not to mention that it's quite roomy!
  6. I like his clothes, I love his shoes, I could do without his bags. Recently his bags have gotten much better, but I'm still not a fan. Nonetheless, this is a really nice bag
  7. Still love my Astor satchel..after 3 years of wear and tear. I just don't care much for his logo bags.
  8. I think his clothes are nice, very classy. And he's just HILARIOUS on Project Runway! LOVE him! I just bought my mom the Saratoga bag for Christmas. The leather is thick and pebbled and really gorgeous. She adores it!
  9. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Michael Kors (classic), I just won this MK Astor Update Tote on EBAY. :yahoo:

  10. I have the Michael by MK shopper tote in dark brown and I love it. The leather is of really good quality and the bag is just sturdy. Perfect to sling around, use for everyday, and not worry about it getting beat up. I think it's a very good quality buy.
  11. I have a MK astor in natural and I love it! The quality is great and the lather is awesome! I would totally love to own an astor in every color- the shape and size are perfect!:yes:
  12. I like his clothes, and one of my favorite coats is by him. He usually has some great bags, but almost every one that I've seen that shows promise has been ruined by his conspicuously placed initials or logo. ( I think these are mostly on his Michael by Michael Kors bags.) I just don't think he has achieved the status of a prominent fashion house, and shouldn't be plastering his logo / initials all over the place - it just cheapens the look IMO.
  13. I like his Astor tote in luggage. The rest don't do it for me...
  14. he is an alright designer but i do feel as though his signature bags cld be done with out but i feel like aftre i recent trip to the westchester mall i walke dby coach than michael kors and the window displays were very similar like his straw bags an dthe whole MK logo swing pack like it looked somewhat liek coach but scaled down some what not sure how to explain it but if anyone has bene to the westchster mall and walked by both stores can understand what i am talking about
  15. I am not crazy about the bags, but I am obsessed with Michael Kors shoes!