welcome to PBC's lil' french boutique closet!!!

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  1. Oh My! You have the best closet ever!
    Those Hermes babies are TDF!
  2. You have inspired me to get working on my dressing room. Everything is just so beautiful. Congratulations. You're a lucky girl!
  3. PBC... I envy your closet & all it's contents!!! :love:

  4. gorgeous! :smile: and what wonderful stories you have for each bag
  5. Simply amazing closet, and I really love how every bag has a story ! :yes:

    Toronto has lost an immense source of fabulousness.. :graucho:
  6. PBC, THANK YOU for sharing!!! I really enjoy the story behind each bag, so special!!! Please keep your pics and stories coming! :flowers:
  7. lvuitton: you're so funny!

    thank you xoxojess!

    lnkhlh: thank you! i will forever have glass doors in all my closets! LOL!! it's nice to have everything dust free.

    thank you ILML! my closet is NOTHING like your mega closet though! :p

    mree: thank you!! :flowers:

    harley, florasun: i'm so glad you guys like the trunk! i went back and forth on either a trunk island or leaving the space open for a lil' sitting area. in the end, i needed more drawer space, so i opted for the island.

    babyskyblue! :heart: i really appreciate you sweet thoughts.

    simplyprincess: thank you!

    birkin123: LOL! all this story telling is kinda making me TIRED!!! hahaha i'm glad you're enjoying though...
  8. ooops, i forgot to mention for 4th wedding annie in dec 06', DH surprised with an Hermes diamond watch while we were in vegas (again!). i was admiring it (and drooling over the red croc strap) in the window and next thing i know, DH got it for me!! :heart:
    Hwatch1.jpg Hwatch2.jpg
  9. PBC,

    I am enjoying it immensely, but this has to be fun for you too. Take it easy and go at a pace that you enjoy. This is a 'reveal' thread, afterall... Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your princess closet....
  10. beginning of 2007, we went in for a meeting with our feng shui master and she told us that red was not a good color for me to wear for year 2007. :hysteric: soooooo.......shortly afterwards (for chinese new year), DH and i went on vacation to LA and of course, i had to venture into hermes beverly hills....where we had the red croc strap changed out to a fuschia croc strap! (i think my next croc strap will be violet croc!! :graucho:) this was also the trip when i had my first experience with Sprinkles cupcakes!! DH and i stood in line for over an hour just to get a taste of these things!! and it wasn't really all that!!! :cursing:
  11. btw: here are a couple pics of the cupcakes and of DH standing in that crazy line.... :lol::lol::lol: he made me stand in a 30 minute line with him earlier at pinkberries, so sprinkles was payback! LOL
    sprinkles.jpg sprinklesline1.jpg sprinklesline2.jpg
  12. I don't know what is more delish... the cupcakes or your Birkin. Both are making me drool.....

  13. your closet is the most beautiful closet in the world.
  14. Girrrrllll.... I'm only at the Swarovski crystal door knob and I'm already excited!!! Had to comment already!!! I'm ALL about the bling too!!! ( I have Swarovski crystals on my closet doors as well!) You're my kind of gal!! :woohoo:
  15. PBC, thanks so much for sharing. It's like a recap of your wonderful fashionable life. Love your taste in everything, esp the dresses, shoes, bags and accessories!! The bling and the H *insert DROOL here*

    Judging from the pics here I say you have a wonderful future in real estate. You could even branch out to interior designing! I know for sure I would hire you. Hey, maybe someday you'd even have your own ID consulting firm. ;)

    ps we would love to see the other parts you help to design too!
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