welcome to PBC's lil' french boutique closet!!!

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  1. thank you blueberry! :flowers:

    jance: that is so wonderful to know!!! i wish you many beautiful things to fill up your new closet! please share also when you get the chance!

    thank you daisy! my DH is the only son in the family! LOL! we actually decided to share one closet (more convenient for me bc i manage all his clothing) and i have yet to show his side.

    thank you lucky charm!

    janny: you're so sweet. i'm actually WAAAY older than you! and i mean waaaaay older!! LOL i sure miss being 23 though. and your chi is ADORABLE!!

    thank you bonjour!!! i'm not done organizing yet!! i still have several items that still need to be hung and more boxes to unpack! aaah! it's neverending it seems but i'm having fun!
  2. Your closet is fantastic!! A closet like that is every girls dream, not to mention what's in your closet!
  3. my MIL got this bottega for me for christmas 3 years ago...maybe it was 2? can't remember....i have not used it bc it's not really my style but the leather is soo sooo soft. i was very touched though, that she thought of me (she never buys xmas presents for anyone!), and that is why this bag is still part of my collection.
  4. one of DH's fave brand for shoes is Tod's and he's always wanted me to have a Tod's tote bag. so one day, he came home with a pair of shoes for himself and a bag for me! it was cute because he wasn't sure what color to buy and he's always nervous about surprising me. he went into full explanation immediately on why he had picked this color instead of black or beige but it really didn't matter to me. i'm a true believer that it's always the thought that counts! :love:
  5. my YSL bag. forgot the name of it, but i refer to it as the "ruffle bag". this is the larger size and i love the look of it!
  6. PBC - what a lovely closet! oops I mean boutique! Everything is displayed to perfection. I have to echo HarleyNemma - I love the packing island. You and your builder did a wonderful job creating such a beautiful space to house your collection!
  7. PBC....finally, i have been waiting for your thread!!!!!!! Fantastic closet!!!!!
  8. I am sure the time will come pretty soon!!!!!!!!! :heart::heart:
  9. Stunning!:girlsigh:
  10. here's my first hermes kelly. DH got it for me in vegas. the next day at the airport, we saw brad pitt up close :love:, who was filming his last scene for "ocean's 13" in front of our gate.

    -32cm blue jean clemence palladium hardware kelly
  11. on a trip to buenes aires in oct 2006, DH bought me a lil' special souvenir...

    35cm bi-color (chocolate & potiron) box calf palladium hardware birkin
  12. valentine's 2007, DH surprised me with my next hermes....

    35cm black togo gold hardware birkin
  13. a few months later, we were at H looking for a gift for my good friend's bday and i was offered something very special from the back. amazingly, we walked away from it and i couldn't stop thinking about for the next 30 minutes. DH made me promise that i would let him go to vegas if he bought me the bag.....so we returned to the store soon afterwards and this came home with me....and off to vegas we went 2 wks later!

    30cm fuschia ostrich gold hardware birkin
  14. I love the stories behind each bag... each is so special...




  15. hey do we get c ur kitchen and bath too? u designed them urself?.... pls..... r there places for ur bag there too>>>>;D
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