welcome to PBC's lil' french boutique closet!!!

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  1. Good golly, does your prince charming have a brother? LOL! Your closet and collection is to die for!!!
  2. holy moly...PBC you are the queen of couture..most definitely!!! :yes: GORGEOUS closet...beautiful bags...stunning clothes...classic shoes...you are so lucky!! :heart: thanks for sharing!! :tender:
  3. omg, PBC... don't take a break now! you've been @ it for a while already and you haven't even got to the H!!

    After reading your threads about your crazy Asian MIL, closet obsession, and how you like to pair your H's w/ $20 finds from discount stores, I told the BF that I think I saw a glimpse into my future, like maybe 10 years from now (and I don't mean that offensively because from what I gather, you look my age! -I'm 23!!) because I'm kind of like a "still in college" version of that (minus the H, though!)
    <--- AND I already have the black and tan chihuahua! ;)

    I LOVE your closet... and like Mello said, I like how you told the "background" on each of your bags -can't wait for the rest!
  4. this is one of those bags that i've never used but still keep bc DH got it for me during our first trip to vegas...10 years ago! DH (BF at the time) had won after playing a lil' bit of blackjack for the first time, so he wanted to share his winnings with me. this would be the beginning of our "u get to play blackjack, i get to buy something" vegas deal! :tup: now it's all hermes.... :yahoo:

    kate spade black nylon backpack...
  5. I love how all your bags have some kind of story or meaning to them.. Its so interesting and I love how everything is so nicely placed in order. I aspire to have organization skills like yours when I get older! Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it.
  6. my red Chloe handbag from 9 years ago! :tup: i've never used it but it sure feels good to know it was a $300-$400 bag at the time and i got it for $5! hehe it was during a mega sale at this dept store in the midwest (where i'm originally from) and it was an additional 90% off. that sort of discount is really unheard of nowadays! love the tortoise shell links!
  7. I swear I am two seconds away from licking my screen. Your closet is GORGEOUS!

    I'm jealous. :crybaby:
  8. Oh Wow, you have an amazing collection! great closet!
  9. this is the last LV bag that i purchased almost a year ago. it's a diaper bag but i've used it for traveling. i'm looking forward to hopefully one day soon using it for what it's meant for...:love:
  10. Wow, your closet is stunning. I love the glass doors, it's so elegant looking!

  11. ooooh!! for sure urs will be nicer than mine!!!!!!!!
  12. GORGEOUS closet indeed PBC. I am glad you start this thread. :tup::heart: More please.. :yes:
  13. PBC-I'm utterly speechless. Your closet is STUNNING as is your collection of handbags and clothes. Thanks so much sharing with all of us. Love your closet!!!
  14. birkin123: :flowers::flowers:

    thank you lv-lover!!! i can't wait to get glass doors on my shoes! it's so easy for them to get dusty now that they're left out in the open.

    hi cindy!!! thank you! how exciting for you!!! i didn't use a closet company. i collaborated with my builder and carpenters on the configuration and the rest was from ideas i had gathered online or from magazines. aside from designing my closet, i also really enjoyed designing my kitchen and bathroom as well.
  15. PBC ~ This is just like being inside a fabulous boutique! I especially love the custom "trunk" you had designed for the island ~ what a great way to use the RL wall paper! Genious! How wonderful & thank you for sharing such lovely pics & a walk down memory lane!
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