welcome to PBC's lil' french boutique closet!!!

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  1. a long long time ago in a land far far away (LOL:P...i mean 2 months ago and 10 minutes away from my current new home), there was a poor poor lil' shack of a closet filled with yummy goodies that looked like this......
    n750463063_405280_8287.jpg n750463063_406449_105.jpg
  2. and inside that french "castle"...why not have a french boutique to house all my yummy goodies?? so let's take a tour shall we??
  3. PBC, I love this thread already:popcorn::popcorn:, I've been semi-lurking in the H forum so I know there are some lovely things coming up...
  4. sooo....let me open the door first.....with a swarovski crystal knob! :love: (fyi: i'm all about the bling bling!)
  5. welcome to PBC's lil' blue boutique...........:love:
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  6. It looks like a very well stocked boutique, lol. Good thing for the shopkeeper! I love the trunk-like chest, is that what it is?
  7. a view of my hermes and other favorite bags behind glass doors.....
  8. hermes & part of my shoe collection......
  9. yes polaremil! it's a packing island with drawers made to look like a trunk. i designed it myself and had it customed made! it has ralph lauren faux croc wallpaper applied to the surface....
  10. and what boutique would be complete without a chandelier and a set of built-in ceiling speakers!!!! :tup:
    chandelier.jpg ceilingspeakers.jpg
  11. the closet it not fully finished yet because i still need to unpack more boxes and organize. i also need to replace all the plastic hangers with wooden ones and i'm still missing a few glass doors for my shoes.
  12. I am speechless! I would die and go to heaven in your closet !
  13. presenting my very first LV (and designer handbag) that i purchased about 17 yrs ago....the large bucket bag. (i think that's what it's called!) i now use it for when DH and i go to the movies to sneak our treats in! :wlae::roflmfao:
  14. WOW. all i can say is WOW. that is an ~AMAZING~ closet!! and everything in it is gorgeous!!

    may i ask what you do for a living? i'd love to be able to afford a closet like that, and with all those lovely H goodies!! :drool: i swear, after seeing a lot of ppl's pics on TPF, I am realizing that DH & I went into the wrong industry (electrical engineering)...shoulda gone into investment banking instead! LOL
  15. here is my set of fendi baguette triplets.

    back during the whole sex and the city craze, i think i had collected around 20 fendi baguettes! since then, i've sold all but these 3. these were the only ones i paid full retail price for (stupid me! :noggin:) and figured i would never get my money back so that's why i kept them.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.