We are so lucky to have/be able to afford LV...

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  1. Today I was reflecting and thinking that it is so wonderful that we have the privilege/luxury of owning fabulous LV bags:P . We are all so blessed :shame: to have some great pieces and share the joy with others that understand (get it:yes: ). 2006 was my introduction to LV and let's say it was one hell:yahoo: of an intro thanks to tpf....Happy holidays all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I work so hard to save up for what I want and I feel blessed to be able to earn extra money to purchase luxury.
  3. I love it!! Being married has its perks too lol. we have two incomes, so theres always money I can use to buy things. I was going to buy one when I was single. But I was a single mom with a child and didnt think it was fair. Now it's easier since my husband says its ok to splurge sometimes and not to feel quilty
  4. Happy Holidays to you LVPug:yes:
  5. Totally agree!! Last Christmas was my intro to LV ... bought a ludlow with the money I got from my kids at school ... and it's all been downhill from there!! We are very blessed to be able to have what we have!
  6. I do agree with yah!:yes:
    We are all truly blessed to be able to buy, own and enjoy some finner things in life...:winkiss: :drinkup:

    :heart: Happy Holidays to everyone too!!!:yahoo:
  7. Happy Holidays too everyone!
  8. Yes, we are very blessed... 2006 was one heck of an LV year for me! Woot!
  9. I'm very grateful for everything I have.
  10. Thanks gang...I just feel so lucky and not everyone in the world is....recently I was reading that most people in the world live on a dollar a day....yikkkes my handbags cost over 1k...and here I am able to get gorgeous things and enjoy them...I am so blessed!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday I am so thankful for the blessing in my life and do not take them for granted...we are all so fortunate!!!
  11. Yes, I feel blessed everyday!

    Happy Holiday's to you as well!
  12. I feel very fortunate as well...I remember being out on my own at 18 and eating potatoes for 3 months straight....I definetly enjoy all I have now!

    Happy Holidays to you too!
  13. Merry Christmas, LVpug.:flowers: It has definitely been a good year for LV.:yes:
  14. Happy Holidays Everyone. 2006 was my intro to LV and I love it. This forum is the best.
  15. I agree, though I work very hard to get what I want in life. I'm very grateful for my good health to be able to go to work most days;) . And thanks to everyone here at tPF who had help me realize that I deserve LV pieces. I must admit, I've been obsess to have LV bag for years but did not have the courage to buy one. But, right after finding this site, I'm hooked and bought my four pieces in last two months.

    Cheers everyone and welcome year 2007 with a BIG Bang!!!:party: