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  1. Anyone have size advice for this Rockstud style? Bought them on Farfetch today w/ extra 20% off listed price. Bought same size as my other Rockstuds. Crossing my fingers!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1434807632.375843.jpg
  2. Hi, does the kitten heel patent leather rockstuds stretch for any of you all? I'm really wanting to either get the poudre or black with beige straps. I'm typically a size 9, but in designer I wear 39.5 in Gucci, 40 in Prada, Chanel, MuiMui but for some reason for valentino I fit a 41 and deliberating if I should get a 41.5. My heel is right on the line of a 41 so if the shoe stretches just a tad, I'm probably ok and won't need at 41.5. Help please!! 😖
  3. Can you post a photo of your foot, standing in the 41? Is your foot wide? I'm just asking because it will affect how the shoes break in......i wear a 9 us but a 39.5 in Valentino heels/40 in Val flats. I would not want to get the shoes too big as I would worry that the pointed toe will get bent & wrinkly.
  4. Hey ladies , so here is the update. I went to Neimans and tried on botb the kitten heel and high heel pumps. The 41 is way too loose in the ankle strap area and I can wiggle my toes so the 39.5 is a better fit in the kitten heels. The high heel pumps run smaller so I fit the 41 in those. Remember, I'm a 40 typically in Chanels and a 9 in non-premier designer footwear (I.e., Torys, Aldos, Banana, etc.) Valentino rockstuds are definitely cut smaller. I ended up going with the Poudre high heels. So beautiful, edgy and classy.
  5. Hi guys, I own a rockstud pump (10cm) in size 36 and after wearing them a couple of times I feel like it's starting to get a little too loose? Im usually a 36.5 or 37 in other designer shoe brands and I am planning to purchase another pair of RS shoes but I need advide if I should go down to a 35.5 or stick to a 36. Thank you!
  6. Glad you found a pair you love!
  7. Where is it getting loose, and which style RS are you referring to? If it is an open back, you don't want to wind up with the shoe being too short, because heel overhang is not pretty :smile:.
  8. Sorry, I am not familiar with sizing on this style. Can you get an insole measurement and measure against your other shoes?
  9. #71 Aug 14, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015

    I'm referring to the popular 10cm (4 inch) pointed toe pumps and it is getting loose at the back part of the ankle strap, it falls when I walk. I tried on a 35.5 in the store yesterday and the heel fits (no overhang, because there is a few centimetre gap between my feet and the heel when I wear my 36s) -both standing up and sitting down although the back strap is very tight in the 35.5 (although the shoe is very new when I tried it).

    Strange thing is, I brought my Valentinos to my SA and compared them to the new 35.5 and it looked like it's 1 full size bigger than the 35.5. Could it be possible that Valentino stamped the wrong sizing?
  10. I suppose it could be possible that it is mis-sized. Could you add more holes to your straps? It sounds like you are between the 2 sizes!!

  11. Thanks for your help!! this is what a 36 looks like on the back ImageUploadedByPurseForum1439586895.328991.jpg Also, I'm thinking about purchasing either a black or nude still undecided though.
  12. Hi can i pick your brain...

    I am thinking about valentino rockstud flats...not caged. I am uk 7 but ive seen a 6.5 and the lady reckons they would fit a 7...

    Do you find the normal flats run big??? Shes measured the shoe.. and asked me to measure my foot and they seem big enough..

    Please help lol x

  13. I only had one pair of flats and found them to run a bit larger and wider. They may work. Good luck!