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  1. Hello Ladies! I just purchased my first pair of Black/Nude Rockstuds with the kitten heel and am very excited. Out of the box, they are beautiful and very comfortable. However, they squeak when I walk. Is this normal? Will it go away or did I get a defective pair? Should I return? Please help, advise! Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts, advise.
  2. How does this look? I am in between sizes and took the pair that is bigger. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1432942740.118742.jpg
  3. Also, can someone please advise why the heel area is so weird? The heel looked the same in both sizes.

  4. what do you mean that the heel area is weird?
  5. There is a gap. Is it noticeable?

  6. not unless I zoomed really closely-guess it would depend on what you think- the gap is even in the size that fit you? I haven't noticed this on my pairs. Maybe try the kitten heel instead if it bothers you.

  7. That is correct. Even in the smaller pair. Oh well. I already wore it and just super paranoid about it.
  8. In my experience, designer shoes always run half a size smaller - the only exception I've found to this rule are Louboutins. I'm usually a 5 in normal high street shoes and always go for a 5.5./ 38.5 in designer shoes. I don't have the flats but I do have the rockstud heels - I got them in a 5.5./38.5 and they fit perfectly :smile: HTH!
  9. So sad that I think my shoes have stretched out too much
  10. Hello everyone!
    I apologize if this question is in the wrong section but does anyone know if security at airports will give me trouble for wearing the RS flats?
  11. I am usually a 36.5 - 37.5 in Louboutins and pretty much a 37 in the rest of designer shoes. I find it strange that I fit a 36 in Valentino rockstuds (considering that everybody adivses to go half a size up). Are there any of you girls who has the same situation? P.S I have quite wide feet as well.

  12. I've got narrow long feet I'm a 41 in CL but in Valentino 39.5 so I'm definitely a size down in the rockstuds flats anyway but when I tried a 41 in kitten heels they were too small length wise for me very weird
  13. I haven't properly tried on the rockstud flats but the ones i needed to size down are the rockstud 10cm heels which is really weird :thinking:
  14. I went down a full size (from typical EU size) in the RS gladiator thong style flat sandal.
    They were out of the 40 & the SA convinved me to try the 39 - I would never have bothered to try a 39 on my own.
  15. Hi ladies wanted to chime in on the debate over sizing as well. I am a U.S. size 6 or 6.5. I found that I can fit into Valentino RS flats 5.5 with no wiggle room and a size 6 that clearly shows a small gap at my heels. I purchased a size 6 in the high and kitten heels but those were too small. So as it turns out I can get away with 5.5 / 6 in flats and 6.5 in heels. Now I purchased a size 7 high heel in green because it was the only item on sale available and surprisingly it fits well with again a tiny bit of room at the heels. Overall the size 7 high heels feels more comfy than the size 6 & 6.5 because my toes are not stuffed in the toe box. The last picture is an image of my feet that are wide and in a size 6 leopard print RS.