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  1. Regular rockstud flats ran bigger for you

  2. They ran wider.
  3. What about the actual shoe fit?

  4. sorry, I no longer have mine. I believe I bought them a 1/2 size up but could have probably gone TTS.
  5. #80 Oct 12, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2015
    My rockstud heels (10cm heel) arrived today. The size as in length of the shoe is an exact fit (I take the same size in the kitten heel) but the first strap (non-adjustable one) is quite tight on the front of my foot. The adjustable strap is fine.

    I have a wide/thick foot and was wondering how these wear/break in? Will the first unadjustable strap stretch "easily"? I am not really keen to go up a half size considering length and toe box is almost perfect. I recall my kitten heel rockstuds took a few wears to break in but all straps are adjustable on that style.

    Advice appreciated!
  6. Hi, I'm interested to get the Rockstud 4" heels. Do they run true to size? Also, I've had bad experience with some shoes. I bought Ferragamo Glory kitten heels but it caused my feet to blister and bleed. Are Rockstud heels comfortable?
  7. Sorry, I just saw this. I don't know how easily the straps stretch-mine (adjustable) have not really stretched at all. Try wearing them with a thick pair of socks and walking around in them-it helps for loosening up shoes generally, so it might work on the ankle strap.
  8. I find the rockstuds extremely comfortable. As far as sizing, some people size up 1/2 size and others go true to size. I am a US nine and am fine with the 39, but again, this differs for everyone. Can you purchase them from a store that accepts returns, just in case they are not the right size?
  9. Thanks for the advice! I got a 37.5 even though I'm actually 37. I went to the Valentino store earlier and I fit better with the 37.5. I didn't buy it from the store though because it is 50% more expensive than buying it from Italy! So I got it from an online store. I should be expecting it within a week or so. Hope I enjoy them! My good friend is getting married and I would love to debut the Rockstuds at the wedding! :biggrin::lol:
  10. I am a CL fan and now getting to like the look of the rockstuds. :smile: i hope its not a new addiction! i can only try 100 heel version where i am now in Melbourne. i really like the flat gladiator sandals, which i want to start my collection with, but they did not have any flat sandals for me to try on. i am a standard 38 in CL, well in most of the recent pairs. and i tried 38 in 100 multistrap rockstuds and they fit well, should i go to 38 in flats too? is valentino more standard in size than CL? i am a standard US 7.5. thanks in advance!
    ( i really like 1973 sandals, i was told they r sold out?, so i will probably try to get one of the standard colors, if i can find it on sale in my size)
  11. Anyone know how the rockrunners run :smile:

  12. In the 100s, I'm a 37.5. In flats (cage and ballerina) and kitten heels, I'm a 37. I'm a standard US 6.5, but trend at 7/7.5 in CL, Valentino, & Jimmy Choo. I'm thinking you could do a 37.5 in flats.
  13. Need some advice on having my ankle straps adjusted on my new bronze kitten heels. I have super skinny ankles, so as is, they are very loose (at least the top two straps). I'd love any suggestions to fix this! I don't have this problem with the 100s, but I'm replacing my high heels because I do much better with lower heels.
  14. #89 Nov 30, 2015
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    Same problem. Glad to know I am not the only one!

    I own a pair of Alpaca leather kitten heels and the ankle strap is only slightly loose. Got a pair of black patent kitten heels of the same size but the ankle strap seems looser! Now it looks a bit funny. I can't really size down because the size fits and it feels really comfy.

    Please see the pictures and let me know if they look okay.

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  15. is it true that valentino rockstud is relly easyly broken?