UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. Must be AGONY to be w/o that gorgeous ring!!!!

    Hope they size it ASAP :hugs:
  2. I hope it fits you perfectly and that the melee is perfect. Did they give you an ETA? I would be annoyed if it went to the back of the line to wait for other rings to be done before it was fixed, esp if it's their workmanship that was the issue.

    I have no updates yet, today is technically the 7th official workday since Vatche got the ring last Monday.
  3. contessa, thankyou for your encouragement ! i will post update on a separate thread when it's done !

    ame, they were apologetic and is rushing it for me. the store fedex'd it overnight to Michael B in CA and i will pick up the ring from my jewelry store this coming saturday = 4 more days ! :smile:

    my 1st 3-stone ring was also a vatche (RB with pear sides), it took them about 10 working days to finish ... hope to see your ring soon !!!
  4. Yea they told this guy 7-10. I wrote on my calendar Friday but I am hoping it's early.

    Mostly I just want it done RIGHT and to not be in any way imperfect.
  5. Maybe they can send you pics.....like they did with Momo!
  6. Her jeweler sent her the photos. Mine doesn't have it yet :smile:
  7. :hugs:

    Ame.....Friday's almost here!!!!
  8. I know. I was hoping I'd hear something today but I am just trying to chill and let it happen.
  9. Change of subject (briefly).

    Think I should consider Blue Nile for a wedding band (& skip Tiffany)????
  10. Well for starters its WAY cheaper than Tiffany. They make nice things at Blue Nile. If they have what you want, I don't see any reason NOT to at least give it a go. You can return it if it's not perfect.
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    I love my ring! Ame I'm sure your Vatche is going to be spectacular. Can't wait for your pictures. The gaps on my ring are due to the swooping nature of the prongs but aren't huge. Thank you Swanky, your diamond is one of the reasons I went with a RB. You were right in saying a RB has the biggest presence, I previously had an oval but couldn't warm up to the shape.
    Contessa BN is great, I've ordered from them and returned when I didn't like the ring they were so easy to work with. Here's some pics, I've also started a thread on Price Scope. First picture on the right is the original mounting before the Vatche.

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  12. WOOHOOO !!!! It looks AWESOME! I thought that might have been you over on PS.
  13. Very pretty Momo!!!!
  14. Very minor update on mine. Here's what my jeweler just told me via email:

  15. Any jeweller that has his/her head screwed on straight knows it's not in their best interest to keep women waiting!!!

    Diamonds may very well be a girl's best friend!!! ;)