UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. I can see the gap I think she is talking about. Start numbering the prongs from the top upper left. See how on prong #4 (the last whole prong that you can see on the right) on the underside of the diamond; the underside doesn't lay against the prong like it does on #2.

    Or maybe it's just an illusion, I don't know...I'm certainly no expert!
  2. Ame, Contessa, Einseine and Lynette3 thank you all for chiming in. Lynette you did a great job describing the gap. I seriously hope it's an illusion, the jewelry store has reassured me that it looks fine. I don't think I will get it until Wed or Thursday as they are in NYC and I'm in So. Cal, I asked them to take a few pictures of my swan with some of their band rings. If there is a gap I'm going to need a lot of of those Martinis.

    Girls I appreciate your compliments as I have no one to bounce my concerns off, my husband is traveling and I'm alone with 3 kids who couldn't give two cents about mommy's ring. Before you go and think this a spectacular diamond I wanted to give you the GIA stats:
    Hold onto your chairs
    N SI1
    It faces up pretty decently white but from the side you and see color/ or warmth as they say on Pricescope. Yes, I'm an admitted size-ho. Ame again sorry for hi-jacking your thread. Please keep us posted on your ring as I will do the same!
  3. Id be asking for louped up close photos honestly. Before they send to you. Because I'd be furious if it showed up imperfect. Esp since Vatche doesn't allow ANYONE to work on their rings, at all. I don't like when a jeweler says its fine and no big deal. Bec they're usually saying that so you go away.
  4. I say post this on WF to ask. I wish you had more magnified images.
  5. ame, not in this thread, but you said you are not someone who can wear micropave settings & you are someone who would rather have a plain solid band on the E-ring...I could not agree with you any more! I am excited to see your new setting! :biggrin:
  6. ame, my re-set took over 10 days and it was the LONGEST 10 days ever ... now that i have to send it back AGAIN because one of the melee diamonds on the shank needed to be replaced... ANOTHER 7 days ... we can be waiting buddies :hugs:

    the vatche setting is amazing !
  7. Momo what's the haps? Do you have the ring? How's it look? This setting does not say "flush fit" with other rings at all to me. It's actually part of why I didn't want that setting. I "require" flush fits.

    Ugh that sucks. I just asked in the other thread about that. I saw you say someting on PS about having a melee issue. It'll be worth it when it's perfect.

    Are you going to get a matching band?

    Only news I have is that they have my old ring and stone. lol
  8. I think it looks very elegant.

    Micropave can look overkill in my opinion- perhaps it will work better on a smaller stone, but on larger ones it screams "look at my ring"

    I prefer cleaner looking lines as your eyes then focus on the centre stone.

    This is why instead of halo-ing my diamond, or crystalizing it with pave, I've decided to "sandwich" it with 2 small wedding bands (Tiffany Novos)

    But again....very subjective and at the end of the day, follow your heart.
  9. sweet. :smile: :smile: :smile:
  10. OMG is this the infamous Frankie from PriceScope?!! I love your gorgeous Michael B. and your nails, great taste!!!!

    I got my Vatche today!! I love it, phew! I thought I wouldn't like it because the pics the vendor sent me made it look like a flying saucer, plus the gaps however all is good!

    I'll post pics as soon as I can figure our how to charge my camera battery. My husband comes home from Hong Kong tomorrow so he'll help me figure that out, I know I'm lame. Mean while a couple pictures from the vendor with some eternity bands.

    Can't wait to see your ring Ame, good luck with your Michael B. Frankie! Keep us updated with your band Contessa.

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  11. Was there a gap or was all ok?
  12. PS I vote #1 or #3!
  13. Momo....Ame.......how are you doing??
  14. No news on my end yet. I wrote on my calendar the imaginary date of Friday but we'll see. DH and I are not in a good place right now and he is not pleased that I ordered it now. A bunch of bills from my dental emergency just came in and I am already out of money for the calendar year so it's out of pocket now. He's freaking out. Plus I need new tires, and we procrastinated (read: he) on getting our flights for Thanksgiving so those are like $1000 which is $800 more than normal!
  15. I know what you mean. I'm very sorry. One of the reasons I'm holding off on my band right now. I have a new SUV, but also decided to splurge on winter tires w/rims, so that is taking a chunk out of my new wedding band fund.

    But I AM taking donations!!!! :biggrin: