UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. lol I know right. It's gross. And obviously hard to wear a bandaid since I have to wash my hands and all.

    I am so glad you like it! NO HALO!
  2. LOL......get yourself some Clarins hand cream STAT! It's a miracle worker. Your hands will be model-ready by the time your ring arrives :smile:

    NO HALO! No worries LOL!!!
  3. Ame, I love Vatche. I'm currently waiting for my reset in the Vatche Swan. I'm trying not to obsessively look at pictures of the setting online, but am not doing a good job. I'm glad to share my angst with someone else! There could be worse things in life right?!
  4. Thought we'd have some fun while waiting LOL!


    I think this is another shot!

    I also like this version........


    And Momo......your diamond is GORGY!

    Is this the Swan???

  5. For real. My husband just told me off about that yesterday. I was whining that it was like 2 weeks and only a few days had passed and how lame that was and he was like "uh you're buying a ring, a completely non-necessary item. Get over it". Touche!

    Looks like it to me!

    I am anxious! Vatche should have my stone/ring in their hands right now.
  6. ^ Sounds like something my DH would say!
  7. My ring is done! The store very kindly sent me pictures. In the first picture do you see a huge gap between the bottom of the diamond and the prong??? Maybe I'm being paranoid.

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    I forgot to add. Ame sorry to hi-jack your thread! Can't wait to see your re-set. Contessa your 4 prong looks beautiful on your hand, will you add a band ring?
  9. Beautiful~~~:nuts: Stunning~~~:yahoo:
    As for "a gap between the bottom of the diamond and the prong", it is because your diamond is BIG.:biggrin: Actually in the swan setting of the pic. posted by Contessa, a diamond looks more protected(?) by the shank of more metal.
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    Holy Diamond Batwoman!!! What size is that diamond???!!!!

    LOVE it btw......LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

    Yes Momo and ladies.....I'm "toying" with the idea of getting a new wedding band.......I need it like I need another.....nevermind.....;) Wanna help me choose something??!!

    When do you get your ring Momo??

    By the way.....that's NOT a gap!! That's the light reflecting on the picture!!!!! NO GAP! Take another look!!!
  11. HOLY STROMBOLI!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    Can you circle on the photo what you are talking about?
  12. It's the 1st one on the left.

    No gap.....just a reflection. The prongs HUG the diamond!
  13. Contessa, you are right! I completely misunderstood what momo pointed out.
  14. You did nothing wrong Lovely :hugs:

    I just took a close look & noticed it must be the reflection......that diamond is perfection!!!

    All these diamonds and Ame's nagging ;)........my head hurts! Martini anyone??!!!!
  15. I can't wait for your in-person assessment and photos!

    Looks pretty damn amazing to me! Id be stunned if Vatche foibled your stone's setting. They're typically pretty bang on.