UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. I am taking my e-ring in today for the replacement setting! I hope I don't go nuts.
  2. what is the replacement??
  3. Good luck!!!
  4. Thanks!!!

    The replacement is a Vatche Royal Crown :smile:

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  5. I cannot wait to see your new ring!
  6. Beautiful :smile: cant wait to see pics!!
  7. i cannot wait either. havent even dropped my current ring off and I am already going nuts!
  8. I know the feeling. I have an antique Tiffany ring that I use to wear everyday. I dropped it off at Tiffany's to get cleaned, and they needed to send it to their antique specialist. I did not have it for 6 weeks. I felt lost without it.
  9. I dropped off my RHR that I posted about a couple weeks ago today. I keep looking at my poor right hand thinking "OMG! Where is it?!"

    What's your date Ame? Mine is the 11th.
  10. He said they told him 7-10 days. So I am really just hoping to have it by the middle of the month. My track record with this stuff is pretty weak, and I am kind of preparing myself now for it to not go well. This jeweler seems about as neurotically anal-retentive as I am so hopefully that will help me out. He said that if he gets it and it's not perfect, he'll reject it.

    He only took half up front, since we are just now working together for the first time and he doesn't think it's fair to pay up front.
  11. Ame, I just received my new e-ring yesterday! The setting is similar to yours....it's a 4-claw double-prong cathedral setting. GORGEOUS!!! Looks like a flower from the side! I'll see if I can post a pic or two!

    I agree....the waiting is agony! what can we do to distract you??!!!!
  12. Make 2 weeks go by in a sleep. LOL!!!

    Picz plz. Kthx.
  13. ame, I really love your new setting!! The side view of your diamond will be amasing!! Let me see the culet.:biggrin:
  14. amasing + amusing = amasing... No, I just mistyped...:lecture:
  15. It looks so pretty.
    I know you have had bad luck with jewelry before,so I can understand you're nervous, but you should be fine.!!!
    Bestto you