UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. The flights are where I am livid. I can handle the rest just fine, tires will be one full paycheck, but the bills I was a little terrified about! But he procrastinated for months and now he's mad because the flights are way expensive. I told him we ought to just drive. But I don't really want that either bec it's a long drive!

    Ah well. Ill get this thing done and paid for and some tarrrrs and be ready for the dental bills too.
  2. Aw, popped in to see if there were any new pics!

    momo, your ring is GORJ!

    :sad: I love micropave and am likely getting it for mine.
  3. :sad:
    Any news on yours? Are you getting it?
  4. In one of the pics, the mounting looked crooked to me. I have no room for mistakes/imperfection, so tomorrow I'm looking at 2 settings. The Michael B Paris and the setting I posted pics of again.
    If the designer would let that setting out of his studio imperfect then we won't get along :biggrin:
    I want to see it in person again to see if it was just a wonky angle.
  5. I would LOVE to be there for that meeting :biggrin:

    Btw...the Paris ring is gorgeous!!!
  6. LOL!

    You don't think the micropave and my stone are too "look at me"? :P
  7. Swanky......from what I know about you (from the posts here), you don't need a ring to "look at you"!!!!!

    Just keep in mind...your fingers are slender, dainty and pretty. You don't need an overwhelming ring to notice you. In fact, my DH really likes your ring "as is" although if you wanted to re-set it (which I would) keep it slender and gorgeous. (my opinion!)

    I really like "Frankiextah's" ring re-set. It's very elegant w/o being over-the-top.

    But then, at the end of the day, you only live once, so what the hell.......if you can, and you love, then DO!!!
  8. I'm teasing - we don't all want the same thing, I'm totally down w/ that!
    I originally wanted it left as a basic solitaire - but a much nicer solitaire setting.
    But it feels so. . . . unfinished when I look at it now that I've had it like this for 2 yrs.
    On the other hand, I don't want it to look larger at all and I'm nearly uncomfortable w/ some attention it gets sometimes.
  9. THAT is what I would pursue!

    The diamond speaks for itself.....you've got the personality to carry it off......believe me.....that diamond is AMAZING......it doesn't "need" a flashy setting, kwim?

    How about some simple mircopave on the sides of the shank? Keep the prongs clean.....maybe make them "double-claw"?? If you like diamonds on the prongs, perhaps one on the base of each??

    Let's look at some more designs. You've waited this long.....
  10. I know I want some pavé, this is certain. Claws are also for sure.
    The Paris appeals to me because of the pavé and because the proportion of my stone versus the head of that ring are good IMO.
    It's essentially a glittery solitaire setting to me.

    Ame, sorry, didn't mean to derail your thread :shame:
    I'll try and get it back on my thread!
  11. I say go for it. ;)

    If anyone can carry it off, it's YOU
  12. No apology necessary! It's kind of a good catch-all for those of we awaiting!

    I think that the Paris appeals to me a LOT.
  13. It's beautiful right!?
  14. Pretty darn spectacular!
  15. #75 Nov 8, 2010
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2010
    Ame i just dropped off my ring at the store ... guess what, so remember i had sizing issue with the ring - it was rotating a lot... so i had them measure the exact size of the ring - SIZE 5 , not the TIGHT 5 i requested, can you believe it ! so i guess now the problem is solved - they will size it down 1/8 size for me, replace the faulty melee and no need for sizing beads ...

    Swanky i'm sure if you get the Paris setting it will be gorgeous on you, i'm partial since i have my Paris as well. I just hope that you won't have the problems that i experienced with them.

    Ame can't wait to see your vatche crown !