UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. He is probably as impatient as I am in this deal. But I can't believe they would get *****y with the guy who wants to make their joint customer happy.

    Ah well. Tempermental artists.
  2. You know, on one hand, you don't want them to rush......on another, you want it ASAP!!!

    When my jeweller told my DH that the ring was ready and PERFECT.....I just squealed......they know I have high standards....and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
  3. This guy is going to be my eyes at first. He KNOWS how anal-retentive i am and he knows what I have gone through. I did NOT hold back. There were diagrams, photos, etc. I didn't mess around. I wanted this thing done right first and I don't wanna deal with it again.

    And I am TERRIFIED.
  4. momo! I saw your thread on PS!!! It's beautiful :biggrin:

    Ame, glad your jeweler is on top of it!!
  5. Keeping this thread alive as I'm hopeful for a stunning reveal soon!
  6. Ame, I dropped off my RHR the same day as you, and I got a call that mine is ready for pickup! Maybe you're next!!
  7. got a call that the ring is ready for pick up tomorrow on Friday (11/12), one day early ! i'm channelling all the good luck to you Ame, hope you're next VERY SOON !
  8. yay! More pics of yours please.

    I am hopeful I will at least have a finished ring that is shipping today. i dont want them rushing it and having it not be perfect. I just know that I want it by Monday the 22nd. lol. Im leaving town that night and I want to have it on my hand before we go. Because explaining to my inlaws for the 3rd straight Thanksgiving why I don't have a ring...not going to be fun.
  9. Forget the in-laws....you want that damn ring on your finger so you can stare at it endlessly!!!!

    THAT'S the real reason!!!
  10. Well duh!

    But my in laws think I am a ridiculously high-maintenance and very materialistic person about this stuff, and while they get that it's not really my fault, it's still not a good perception! I know my husband kind of vents to them about it, so it's not really them forming that opinion alone. It just annoys me so I am hoping to have this on and done and hush hush by end of next week. I am getting pretty pissed at Vatche though, gotta be honest.
  11. I hear ya. Mine are similar although if you saw my MIL jewels, you'd be shocked she thinks so. (another story)

    Why pissy at Vatche??

    Truth be known, we could use some pics!!! That's the LEAST they could do!
  12. I am pissed because they made a big ordeal when we ordered this that 7-10 days and they leaned heavily towards 7. And they also promised updates through the process. We have gotten neither of the above. It's just frustrating.

    Vatche doesn't provide photos. I would love that but they don't.
  13. I would call or have your DH call to get an update.

    I don't see why you should feel uncomfortable....YOU are the paying client after all
  14. Right but they don't talk to the customer, they talk to the ordering jeweler. And they snapped at him. So..I am just trying DESPERATELY to be patient. I did ok til today. Now I have lost my damn mind!
  15. LOL.......I feel bad for the jeweller too.

    Suppose there's no harm calling your jeweller, is there??