UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. lol! It's both. haha!

    I can't wait to take photos and post. I am super excited. Ill get a matching plain band after I get this on my hand.
    Thank you!!! I am nervous and excited. Just want it on my hand!
  2. a few pics.....not meant to hi-jack this thread by any means! ;)

    This is my "simple" solitaire.....set in 4-claw double-prongs, cathedral setting in platinum.....approx 1.27 cts




  3. Contessa, impressive!!! (both your high-jacking and new setting.:biggrin:)

    I really love your setting! The simplicity with details (double-prongs, unique side view) and the solid shank! Perfection!:ps: As you said it looks much bigger! The beauty comes from the balance.;)

    Looking at your ring, I am sure I'll be a simple solitiare person for ever!!! I think you, too! (but a halo setting will also look very good on your hand. You have a nice hand.)

    I cannot wait to see ame's amaZing ring!!!;)
  4. WOW Pam this is amazing! :nuts: I'm drooling all over the place! Love love love the setting and the rock! Congrats! I know you went through a lot lately and you totally deserve this!:tup::tender:
  5. LOVE! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! Hijack away!
  6. Contessa, I love it! I love how it has a lot of design, but it isn't at all BUSY.

    Can anyone link me to a pic of the previous for comparison?
  7. #22 Oct 29, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2010
    Thank you Lovelies! I respect your opinions very much. :smile:

    LanasyogaMama....my previous rock was a cushion (with flaws I discovered later :sad:) so I had it replaced- swapped!

    Here's a pic of my cushion.....my RB is slightly larger (although smaller in ctw if that makes sense). It was LOVELY however, I think that NOTHING compares to the brilliance achieved/seen in round
    brilliants. I'm ecstatic about it!

    I changed NOTHING about the setting because I LOVE it so! It's simply the stone that got swapped.





    So I believe I made a sound decision NOT to halo this beauty! (at least for now)
  8. :hugs::flowers:

    Einseine, yours is such a wonderful post....really touched my heart xoxo

    Thank You for the kind words. I have a friend who thinks photographing rings on outstretched hands is not very complimentary! She prefers the way Princess Diana use to hold her hand....more like a fist.

    *sigh*......I do enjoy looking at & admiring my ring! The sparkle factor is amazing :love:
  9. Agree Contessa, I'm also a RB girl!
  10. I love your ring!

    And while the halo is tempting, it's a unanimous vote in my house NOT to touch my ring!
  11. Yea I wouldnt do a halo either. I love this. Clean, simple.
  12. Can't wait to see pics...oh la la!
  13. Congrats to both Ame and Contessa for their beautiful new rings:smile: Hang in there, Ame. Your ring will be back before you know it!
  14. I guess it's good that I am doing this now, as I have a massive crack in my knuckle. My callous that was formed from jamming the too tight rings over it has gotten to be painful and dry. Ewwie.
  15. Thanks for that visual!

    I love my ring more and more each day! Crazy am I!