UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. It looks pretty good! I need to check it out in the morning. They covered my inscription again but I am just going to leave that be. I hope that it looks great in daylight!
  2. Yay!! We'll keep our fingers cross 'til day break for you! :biggrin:
  3. Wooohoooo! I can't way for the glory of the sun to illuminate your ring!
  4. I need to give a shoutout to my jeweler DK, holy smokes the man is a saint with the patience.
  5. YEA! We need pics! Did you get a letter as well?
  6. i did. It was a typed letter with his (awful) signature. It was very straightforward and I appreciate it. It states flat out that he himself made the ring. :smile:
  7. I would hold on to that letter. ha Wonder just how often he actually make a ring for customer?
    Will be waiting for your reveal tomorrow.
  8. wow such an amazing ring!
  9. I know there is no sun here today (boo) but we'd still love some new pictures!
  10. Yea I know. Im bummed. It was nice when I drove in, but then went behind a cloud so fast. Our auditors are here today so I haven't had a second to even look at the dang thing yet.
  11. Ill have to try and snap some pics this weekend if we get any sun. I am annoyed that my inscription is covered by a prong but I know my stone and this looks like my stone.

    I can tell this setting doesn't appear as high as the others, but I just have to deal with that I guess. The prongs look MUCH better than last time, hell they're all touching the stone this time. I am making sure the stone is set "level" and I need to loupe for any weird porousity but in a quick look I didn't see any yet. Mind you it was a QUICK inspection. Ill do more in my car after work in the light.
  12. Late to this party Ame, but this is GREAT news!!!

    Love to see some pics! Get your behind moving already!

  13. Wowzer!!!!!!!

    What is the carat size? My husband wanted me to tell you that your man is making him look bad LOL !!!:roflmfao:
  14. I am hopeful tomorrow has some SUN. Hopefully I can snap some pics. So far in my minimal inspections it's looking pretty good. Now I just need my wedding band!
  15. You crack me up!