UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. WOW that is what service should be regardless if the Master is involved or not! BUT this is amazing news (and great turnaround time!). I can't wait to see the finished result!
  2. When the ring is on your finger & it should be perfect, just let the bad experience fade into the back recesses of your mind. Can't wait to see it & your new wedding band.
  3. Me either! THANK YOU!
  4. Well good! I've been quiet about him because it's kind of too little too late. . . IMO.
    Why do things have to get THAT bad for it to escalate to him? KWIM?
    Glad he's fast tracking it for you, that makes me happier, LOL!
    Can't wait to see it!
  5. Me either. I am paranoid. I don't get it at all why it took this to get him involved. It makes no sense to me. We shall see. Prepare your ears for Wed. Well. Assuming the folks in NYC dont get more snow.
  6. My Vatche arrived back at the Jeweler Dude's today. He is inspecting it for me now to let me know if it's acceptable enough for ME to look at. So far he thinks it might be ok. But he's going to loupe it,etc.
  7. Sounds good so far...fingers crossed that it meets your high (and completely understandable) standards!
  8. GREAT news! When are you going to see the ring yourself? Can't wait for another update!!!
  9. Girl, where you at?! :search:
  10. Ill be by there at 430ish tonight, but I have no word on whether it's good enough for me to even LOOK at. If he doesn't thikn it's good I won't bother.
  11. so excited. i hope it all works out!
  12. It's gonna be perfect.
  13. I should be leaving in about 15, so hopefully it is acceptable. I am SO frustrated with this. I didn't expect to get it regardless of the promise but I really hope it's good.
  14. *fingers crossed*
  15. Good luck! So much time and stress has been put into this that your deserve it perfect. Glad you are not settling! Keep us updated