UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. I can't seem to find much by way of issues, which is good. So hopefully there's nothing I am missing.

    I took a few photos today, it snowed again overnight and this morning but the temp got up to 40 so a lot kind of melted. I did go outside and take a couple pics tho.

    There are many.

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  2. some more

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  3. and more

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  4. and some more

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  5. and the last ones

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  6. Very nice! Is the setting higher this time?
  7. Gorgeous ring! I especially like the pictures in the snow.
  8. no I actually think it's lower than it was originally. Which I dislike. But at this point Im going to give up.

  9. It looks AMAZING! I especially love it on your hand. It sparkles and has great fire and the setting looks very well constructed. I think everything looks great! I'm sorry about it not being as high as you want it to, but I hope you are satisfied with the setting and that you get many, many years of wear and happiness out of it.
  10. It looks perfect!! Wear it in health:smile:
  11. Ame, I care not what you say, your diamond is GORGEOUS. The fire, brilliance....and now.....setting.

    Perfect. If you dare touch it again, I'm coming looking for you!

    And I love the snow shots.....will be trying those myself tomorrow! ;)
  12. Beautiful Ame! Very fiery, and the setting is so intriguing!!! LOOOOVE the snow shots!
    I hope you are happy with it, after so much trouble. Wear it and enjoy it in good health and happiness!
  13. Gorgeous! Now enjoy it!
  14. It's perfect :smile:
  15. lol I won't be the one touching it. If anything is wrong Ill be callin Mr. Vatche!

    I love my stone, it didn't grow on me right away bec I was replacing the stolen one that we both LOVED, but now I am pretty happy with the stone!