UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. YAY!!!:yahoo:
  2. I know! FINALLY. I hope I don't need it sized up for summer! lol

    HOpefully this week we see each other at Davids
  3. its gorgeous ame!
  4. Thank you!
  5. Ame - it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm so glad everything worked out for you this time!!! It sparkles like crazy and looks fabulous!!!
  6. Thank you! I hope it stays worked out.
  7. Simply beautiful! I know from reading past posts that you like your diamond sitting up high - personally I like a lower sitting diamond so to me your ring is perfection! I hope you are able to enjoy it after going through everything that you have. Happy for you that the drama is over.

  8. Yea I am a little relieved. Ill try to enjoy it but Ill be honest, it's tarnished and the thrill is gone. They really ruined this for me, and I hope I can feel safe wearing it.
  9. Beautiful ring; they did a great job this time around! It sucks that you don't feel to confident about wearing it, after all that's happened. I can't blame you there...but it is certainly one gorgeous ring! Your stone has a lot of fire.
  10. I agree the stone looks gorgeous. I hope in time the drama of all this wears off and you can enjoy your ring.
  11. Thanks ladies! I do love the stone.

    I hope the drama can wear off too.
  12. Your ring is SO gorgeous!! I hope you can learn to love it!! I am sorry you had so much bad luck with everything. At least you have it back and can move on!
  13. It's gorgeous, ame!!! :love: I hope you can enjoy it! :smile:
  14. I hope so too! I am trying. It would figure that I'd go through the legwork and get a designer ring, and that it would of course go horribly wrong.
  15. I just read through this whole thread!

    I'm sorry to hear about the bad experience you had and have passed this information on to my aunt, who is also a jewelry buff (I know nothing about this stuff ;) )

    I think your ring looks beautiful and the setting is gorgeous. I hope that you get to enjoy it!