UPDATE!! The ring is here! Stress be gone! (pics pg 18)

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  1. GAH! The jinx is still on.

    I got an email today from the jeweler who asked me to come check out the band because he spotted some issues and wanted to discuss. There were porous spots in the casting that didn't start showing til the polishing phase. The poor bench dude had ALL the stones set so nicely. And now has to take them all back out. Other things that were not good were that it was .5mm too wide (not acceptable) and didn't fit (1/2 size too small!) but in theory those would've been fixed in the polishing phase. So...it's getting remade. Except we're not sure now how, because the cad seemed to indicate it would be exactly right...Hm. It wasn't made to the order specs but still. SO now I am totally not sure where we are with it.

    Im extra annoyed bec I waited 7 weeks for this ring!
  2. Wait! What?
  3. ^ she means her wedding band which is being done locally.
  4. Exactly. Yesterday was just a terrible news day for me! lol The ering isn't the issue. The band is. And he knows Im pissed. He is partly to blame, and he didn't deny it, in fact he was the one who contacted me. But how come it took so dang long to get to this stage! Its mostly the bench guys fault, and while he did such a great job setting those stones, I am annoyed that he didn't notice. But maybe he thought it was fixable in the final stages and then the porous spots showed up and all went to crap.

    I wish I could just buy the one I am copying but I cannot afford it, and I have these diamonds to use.

    I already told SKPhoto this but I strongly dislike his new saleslady. She did the "oh but it's so beautiful why can't you give it a try" crap. Because I don't like it. It's not what I asked for and I will not settle. Nothing you say or do is goin to change that, but you did just ruin yourself in my eyes and I won't work with you ever on anything bec you're just a saleswench now and whatever knowledge and longevity you have doesn't matter bec you just ruined your credibility.
  5. time for another one of these, LOL! :hugs:
  6. Seriously. And probably a beer or 10. he keeps trying to reassure me that I am not difficult or high maintenance. B.S. lol I know I am.
  7. Whether you are high-maintenance or not is not the point here. A ring can be carved, sent to cast or done in house and finished within a 2 1/2 - 3 wk period (at least that's what we can turnaround a custom in my store). Can your jeweler dude bring in the original wed band you wanted (that you can't afford) and give you a "I'm so Sorry" discount??? You have been through a lot and they have to know you are one unhappy gal right now. I cannot believe that they are not going OUT OF THEIR WAY to get this process done with a happy ending resolution.
  8. We actually priced the original one at dealer cost and it was still over 2k. Which is atrocious. But I did really want to use my original stones so that's a bit of a hindrence. I am curious to hear what the casting company's ideas are. It could've been taken care of if the casting was not porous with just a little more work, but they weren't going to risk that, the pitting was a seirous issue. The majority of my wait was actually weather and holiday related but I still thought it would've been sooner than now.

    I am REALLY hoping there's a good and quick fix to this.
  9. A good gain takes long pains
    Do people usually say so? No good at English :blush:
  10. True. no pain no gain but this is like...ridiculousness.
  11. SUPER ridiculous!
  12. No news yet.
  13. ame,

    what is SKPhoto? Sorry for all your troubles. :sad:
  14. SkPhoto is the poster right above my last post there. Two above yours.
  15. oops! Sorry I thought it was a vendor! Thanks~