Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. This is such a lovely, fun thread and I am sure I will be editing my list yearly...

    In terms of re-sale n value for money:

    Worth It: All my real Gold Jewelry (18k and above), Diamond Ring, A ruby Necklace and a bunch of precious stone Pendants (those Emrald, Sapphire set in either yellow or white Gold)

    Not Worth it: All costume jewelry, Swarovski stuff and Silver things that I over paid for.

    In terms of Usage:

    Worth it: All the sterling silver stuff that I collected during my travel, Watches, Diamond Ring. These things I wear often and use them waay more than all the Gold and Precious stone stuff that I have.

    Not worth it: Jewelry that is used probably once or twice a year for special occassion.

    When I was young, I enjoyed all my Swarovski. I would not call it not worth it, because at one point of time, it was WORTH...:smile:
  2. May I ask why you prefer the Pandora over Trollbeads?

    You ladies also welcome to post your comments, why do you prefer one over the other?
  3. Worth it - most of my Tiffany pieces, Hermes clic-clac bangle

    Not worth it - Tiffany 1837 ring, Whiteflash jewellery, Pandora bracelet
  4. Cool thread, nice to hear how different are the worth it and not worth it lists of different people.

    Worth it: all my crystal jewelry collection, lots of Konplott designer pieces and then Swarowski, totally worth it to me, so much fun and very unique designs, youthful

    Not worth it: pretty much all the gold stuff, got rid of most, very little fun for me compared to crystals and the designs are never as interesting to me
  5. Worth it - all my tiffany & pandora and my Mens Armani watch as I wear them all the time - my dior oui ring - i love it!

    Not worth it - all my yellow gold i bought through my teens & 20's, my south sea pearl necklace & earrings (cost a bomb - although I may wear them more when I am older), my 1 ct gold diamond studs and the matching 1 ct yellow gold diamond pendant (thinking of changing them to white gold) and all my other $500 - $1000 designer watches I thought I needed but never wear. Thinking of selling alot of it to put towards a VC & A necklace & studs.

    Oh, forgot my e-ring. Not worth it as my Nanna gave me her gorgeous 45th wedding anniversary sapphire and diamond ring that is just like Kate Middletons and cost a fortune not too long after we were engaged - and i wear that now that she is passed on. I sometimes wear my e-ring, but as it was only small (good quality though) I want to get the diamond upgraded to a 1.25 ct and add a halo around it for a wedding anniversary present next year.
  6. Worth it - chopard watch and ring, raymond Weil watch, 18k White gold and diamond bracelet, tennis bracelet, marni costume necklaces, black diamond White diamond pave ring

    not worth it - tiffany silver jewellery, Chanel pearl necklace, garrard silver wing ring, Hermes rivale bracelet

    I'm in two minds about my pandora bracelet - I go through phases of wearing it.
  7. Worth it:
    * Omega diamond & sapphire watch (photo attached);
    * diamond & sapphire ring (just bought it so I'm not bored with it yet);
    * My cheap Swarovski jewelry (fun for when I want some cheap bling, or when I don't think my good jewelry will be safe)
    * My Fope Flex bracelets (one each in white, rose, and yellow 18k gold -- photo attached. Fope is an underrated brand here on tPF)

    Not worth it:
    * Concord watch (too sporty for my current tastes; I got bored with it quickly);
    * Lake Biwa pearls (truly gorgeous freshwater pearls from Lake Biwa, which is too polluted to produce pearls. I love them but pearl prices are in the basement now, and I paid like 1k for them)
    * A funky sterling charm bracelet with a ton of artisan-crafted hearts on it. It's cute but I prefer more classic styles, and this is more shabby all those individual hearts added up to a much higher cost than it's worth to me.

    On the fence about:
    * My Hermes bangle bracelets. I have a ton of them, they weren't cheap, and they are a bit gaudy to me now.

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  8. The only kind of jewelry I bought and wasn't worth it at all was some hand made elaborate pieces of an "up and coming" artist using semiprecious stones. I got a few bracelets for friends, and a series of necklaces for me. 2 of the necklaces fell apart, and the 3rd one I gave it away as a present to my MIL. Horrible quality, hippy-ish feel, which is not my thing at all, and all in all a huge waste of money.
  9. I think this is one of my best threads that I ever started - LOL! I really enjoy reading it and I'm grateful to those that keep bringing it back. I wonder if I purchase a Sydney Evan evil eye necklace, if it will go in the "worth it" or "not worth it" side in a year or so.
  10. I go back and forth with a diamond piece sign. I think a diamond piece sign is adorable; however, I feel that it may not be worth it to me in a few years from now.
  11. I like the diamond peace sign too! Are you looking at a specific designer one? I think Roberto Coin has one.
  12. I was looking at the Tiffany metro. It is $700.00.
  13. cool and intresting thread

    worth it: bvlagari baracelet, all my yellow and white gold piences, my michele watch, aquamaster watch, RSW watch, hermes kelly watch and ebel (mum gave it as a present), my diamond bracelet and fray wille bracelete

    not worth it: all th money i spend on designer shoes but what 2 do i have noniuns and they are the most comfortable one! and i dont regret any jewlery or custume jewlary i bought
  14. i love your fope bracelet, do you mind if i ask how much it was?
  15. Not at all. I bought the Fope bracelets about 4 years ago. At the time, the retail price was ~3,000 USD each. I bought them from an Italian jewelry distributor for about 45% less.

    Since then they have increased in price dramatically.

    I recommend all Fope pieces, even at the current prices. They are solid gold and well-made. They have a few silver pieces that have rhodium mixed in with the silver to make it anti-tarnish (it's not a rhodium plating).
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