Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. Thought this could potentially be a fun thread!
    On this snowy day, I did inventory in my safe.
    This is how I feel right now!

    worth it - my halo reset of 1.25 e-ring, 3 rolex, white plain J12, ballon bleu, WG Love bangle

    not worth it - RG Love cuff - I wanted this so much but don't think it was worth the price, kind of plain and not the most comfortable

    on the fence - black J12 with diamond markers - can't believe I actually wrote that! But it was very expensive and I love my other watches more!
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  2. Worth it - my Pandora collection

    Not worth it - my Trollbeads collection
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  3. Worth it: my Michele watch, all my gold jewelry, Mikimoto, trollbeads, and Tiffany both gold and silver, David Yurman

    Not Worth it: my other silver jewelry...I just don't wear it! It's beautiful, but I'm getting rid of it to buy other stuff to fill my "coffers"...LOL
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  4. Worth it: all my diamonds, Rolex watches, gold with diamond jewelries.

    not worth it: nothing. I do not buy silver or gold plated fashion jewelries.
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  5. worth it:
    T and Co silver pieces (expensive but i LOVE them)
    Yurman silver and diamond pendant
    esq watch
    tessler watch
    rings (wedding set)
    resizing of my grannys ring for my right hand
    all my white gold pendants

    not worth it
    cant really think of anything excpet a pearl and diamond ring i got at Lord and Taylor crap quality but this was before i knew anything about jewellery

    honestly it is worth it if u love it and enjoy it and wear it
  6. Happy to get quick responses here!
    Also happy to see that most don't have too many or very expensive regrets!
  7. Worth it: my wedding rings, all my platinum jewelry, all my gold jewelry

    Not worth it: silver jewelry (T&Co, DY - hate tarnish, hate to polish), watches (Tags, Ebels, RWs, Cartier... don't usually wear a watch and it's expensive to keep replacing all those batteries! I should have just gotten one Rolex and been done with it)
  8. Worth it: Rolex datejust
    J12 White
    SS Cartier mid size Tank,
    large SS Cartier Roadster
    E-ring & diamond wedding band
    Roberto Coin necklace
    Chopard ring & necklace
    Yg love bangle
    Diamond Gucci ring & Earings
    Diamond eternity ring
    Cartier Santos 100 with pink leather strap which I've changed to a red leather strap

    Not worth it: all the silver I've purchased over the years (T & Co, Pandora Silver & leather bracelets & earings, lots of Links of London & Gucci silver jewellery) if I had of put all the money I've wasted on silver I could of got another love bangle or another watch:graucho::
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  9. Hmmmm... I must have not made too many bad choices with my jewelry so far b/c I don't really regret anything! I had a few mis-steps with my budding VCA collection (my sweet butterfly necklace was not worth $1100 if you asked me) but was lucky enough to always be able to exchange them!
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    worth it: my Bulova, invicta, Micheal Kors and Omega Watches, my awesome vintage finds (1+ct OMC wedding set, estate diamond wedding band, antique rose gold locket [which was 100 years old, but already had my daughters name engraved on it!]), silver and marcasite locket. (hides the tarnish :smile:

    Not worth it: my first e-ring (before I was educated on diamonds) my diamond upgrade (only because I never even wear's too big and flashy on my tiny hands) Movado watch, ESQ watch. My pinky diamond ring (once again hubby went overboard...diamond's to big and tension's just waiting to get lost), RockBand (cool but ehh) My pearls (have never been worn) and then there is Costume Jewelry and silver jewelry in general. I am so tired of tarnished, plating worn, cloudy or missing stones..but mostly tarnish. I have decided from now on I'll get gold (white rose or yellow)..I just think its more timeless and worry free. Plus I want quality things to pass on to my daughters.

    Luckily most my regrets are lower dollar items. And someday, when the economy is better, I will probably fall in love with my upgraded wedding set again. And as for the other smaller .5ct and under rings, well they'll make nice things to pass onto my daughters.
  11. I don't have a lot of jewelry - most, if any, are purchased by my bf or my exes. My watch was purchased by my parents for my graduation gift. The only jewelry I've bought myself were two Tiffany key pendants and Chanel stud earrings. I wear them enough to not regret purchasing them!

    I might regret putting so much money into other items, such as shoes (I have tons of Reva flats which I find unnecessary - one pair of black lambskin is versatile enough to wear with all outfits), Ferragmo shoes (cost $440 before tax!!! :noggin:) boots, etc. . .I could've saved the money towards FINE jewelry instead!
  12. this is a fun thread

    Worth it - Tiffany silver, white gold princess cut class ring
    Not Worth It - All the money I've spent on worthless costume jewelry that I wear twice and then end up hating
  13. Worth it: My Tag Heuer Aquaracer, my David Yurman pieces, my pearls and gold, my Pianegonda earrings, and my Old Florence necklace

    Not worth it: Some random cheaper rings that ended up selling, my Return to Tiffany heart tag necklace (nice necklace, but I never wear it), and any costume jewelry I owned in the past
  14. I'm quite careful when buying jewelries, so far I don't really regret anything!
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    Totally Worth It- All of my platinum, gold and my silver Tiffany and Co pieces, my watches, and my more expensive vintage pieces

    Totally Not Worth It- All the trendy pieces I bought when I was younger, my diamond studs (my parents gave them to me- not great quality), and any diamond piece that is not excellent cut