Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. Worth it: EVERYTHING. I love my pieces the way I love all my cats: for their individual personalities.

    Not worth it: Nothing any more. I could say costume jewelry I wasted money on about 20 years ago, as I didn't realize gold and silver would not cause an allergic reaction. I suffered through wearing costume earrings daily for many years, with cysts and pus in the holes...nothing helped, even surgial steel/stainless steel, so I thought gold and silver wouldn't either. Then, I broke down and bought my first pair of gold earrings, which I still have. Have never worn costume jewelry since, and the ear piercings are just fine now! Now, with the price of gold, I realize I could have boughts tons and tons of gold earrings back then...I wish I had!
  2. Worth it = Chris Correria platinum, diamond and tanzanite ring
    Not worth it diamond intial necklace I had custom made
  3. This is one of my favorite threads that I ever started! Thanks to those that keep it going!
  4. Worth it - all of my 11 designer watches and most of my WG jewelry

    Not-worth it - most of my YG jewelry, that I had purchased a while ago, but then stopped wearing YG whatsoever. Also a couple of my WG earrings, that are gorgeous, but just don't look good on me due to my petite frame :smile:

    Thanks for starting this thread, Hokaplan!! :smile:
  5. If you really need to offload the YG then I'm sure I could oblige! ;)
  6. Great thread Hokaplan!

    Worth it: My wedding set, platinum pieces, diamond earrings, White J12 with diamond markers, Plain Black J12, midsize Rolex datejust, Cartier tank francaise and my south sea pearl necklaces.

    Not Worth it: Pink Concord LaScala with diamond bezel and numbers (I went crazy and bought the s/s bracelet which was a total waste), Chopard Happy Sport with 7 diamonds (I only wear it once a year), Ladies Rolex Yachtmaster (should have gotten the midsize), Hermes braclelets, Tiffany silver, and several eternity bands that I don't wear anymore. This list makes me feel pretty bad.
  7. I've been really surprised how many say David Yurman isn't worth it. I thought those pieces were really popular. I only have a pair of earrings and do use them a lot. I guess if you have a ton of it, then it wouldn't be worth it. Was thinking of getting a ring or two, now I am second guessing it. It would be second hand though so not as expensive, so maybe that makes a difference???
  8. ^^With Yurman, you're buying the 'brand.' Not worth it if you plan on reselling it.
  9. I used to like David Yurman. I bought a few pieces for my daughter because every sorority girl wore it. But one day I was out to eat at a restaurant and saw this woman who was loaded down with DY jewelry and all the sudden I just didn't care for it anymore. It suddenly looked cheap to me and my daughter as well. She refuses to wear her pieces anymore. Any affection I had for the brand was over that fast.
  10. Worth it
    Rolex Daytona in Everose Gold - my big splurge I've been wearing everyday
    Cartier love bangle
    Cartier balloon bleu YG w /diamonds
    Diamond studs
    Pandora charms in silver - inexpensive and fun... I had mine all plated in Rose gold to match my watch
    Tiffany gold necklaces

    Not worth it
    David Yurman silver and diamond rings, bracelets etc - they tarnish and feels more like costume jewelry
    VCA Alhambra necklace - worn only a couple of times
  11. Worth it: My engagement ring, Tiffany & Co. silver pieces, a Pandora bracelet, diamond and emerald heirloom earrings, a diamond tennis bracelet, and my mother's diamond ring.

    Not worth it: My wedding band (long story behind that; but JSYK, DH is totally worth it! :smile: ), and lots of inexpensive pieces of junk jewelry I'm picked up over the years.
  12. not worth it: fashion jewelry (argh, i'm saying this as I clean out my closet...spring cleaning!).
  13. I love silver jewelry - but you do have to make sure you aren't making a mistake when you buy it because it is almost impossible to give away if you have regrets. Gold, on the other hand, always has a resale market. You usually lose a lot, but you have something.

    There is a running joke at my work that the town we are based out of has a citizenship test - you have to flash your LV monogram bag, and give the head-toss/handshake where you make sure everyone sees your 8 different pieces of Yurman jewelry.

    The styles are classic, and they fit with a professional wardrobe. But, there are a lot of people out there wearing them, and you are buying silver for gold prices.
    If you love the ring, go for it. if not, save your money.

    Thanks for starting up this thread. It's been fun going through my list (and deciding what is on the chopping block.

    Worth it:
    Tiffany Elsa Peretti, Frank Gehry pieces - DBTY is just simple and classic (plus, they still tend to those pieces) while the sterling is organic enough to fit with my style and not scream "she has expensive taste"
    Antique watches - 1910-1975 gold watches. Classic styles, simple look. I have a pendant, two cocktail, and two wrist watches (3of these watches were inherited - CPW is in the pennies!)
    Some Kieselstein Cord - I went overboard, and I do have several regrets pieces. But my animal earrings always make me smile.
    Costume jewelry - especially brooches and statement pieces. A good way to add a bit of sparkle wout the high price tag.

    Not Worth It:
    A lot of other Tiffany silver - it seemed like a good idea at the time
    Modern watches - I think the styles are too busy or bulky. I never remember batteries or to change out the bands. More work than I am willing to put in to it
    Heavy earrings - I loved the designs, but I don't want to rip out my earlobes. Includes Yurman pieces, John Hardy, anything with an omega back that isn't a clip.
    Logo jewelry - it's nice if you are trying to be an updated Minnie Pearl
    Costume jewelry - there is such a thing as too much.
  14. I think with any jewelry piece you have to think twice and not buy a brand or a style just because it is popular. That way you won't have any regret.
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  15. Worth it: gold/diamond rolex,ss rolex, gold pandora, d tennis bracelet, jade bracelet, YG Cartier love bracelet.
    Not Worth: swarovski jewellery , silver and other No name brand crap.