Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. Worth it :
    Ering, bands, grand mothers jewelry, mikimoto pearl earrings, custom made diamond and YGgold bangle ( love this), Roberto coin peices, long citrine and YG necklace, all of my YG hoops. smokey topaz and london blue topaz rings. LOVE! Half of my Ippolita collection.
    Not worth it:
    Chanel J12 black with diamond markers, saying this as I never wear it ...I am bad. David Yurman stuff. I have about 5 things I spent a lot of money on and never wore. This makes me sick daily. Half of my Ipolitta collection. I bought at full price and could of had a few Cartier love bracets instead, they are soo over priced!! But I was obsessed at the time.

    I really could go on and on. This thought is on my mind every day. I really wish I never bought the DY stuff, could of bought a fab I doubt her stuff holds the value..sigh

  2. I totally agree on the David Yurman items, or really, any designer silver (maybe with the exception of Tiffany, but I wouldn't know b/c I don't own any), all do not hold value at all and are ridiculously overpriced. I had a few DY pieces from high school, and when I tried selling them, I was only offered $200 for pieces that were originally over $1000, and $150 for smaller items (consignment shops usually sell at 75% the original value, and split the sale 50/50). Ebay was awful, since everyone is terrified of fakes and I didn't have the receipts. Lesson learned! I would say the same thing of 14K gold "fashion" jewelry.
  3. The only thing that I think is not worth it in my collection thus far is a pair of costume Chanel earrings. I originally had their signature rhinestone necklace, but after the stones popped out twice, I exchanged it for earrings I think I've worn twice.
  4. Not worth it - Expensive coats and purses, technomarine watch

    Worth it - Nothing yet lol...will start soon.
  5. Worth it: my vintage Tiffany & Co. engagement ring, Jamie Wolf pieces, Michael Kors chronograph watch (wear it all the time, great value)

    Not worth it: most of my Tiffany silver barring a few pieces, semi-precious pieces from the locked case at Anthro
  6. Very interesting to think about this one...
    Worth it: Earrings, even really dressy ones, as they are versatile and can be dressed up or down. Cartier tank francaise watch, Cartier Panthere watch. Substantial necklaces made with semi-precious stones (again, very versatile, can pair with T shirts).
    Not worth it: Pieces that are too formal and not easy to dress down (like some necklaces that look good only with evening gown or wedding dress). And the opposite -- pieces that are too small/dainty and have little presence. I now wish I had been more gutsy in some of my choices.
  7. Worth it: White J12, platinum diamond bracelet, platinum and diamond hoops, Tiffany platinum diamond jewelry

    Not worth it: Roberto Coin necklace and David Yurman necklaces (too trendy and common)
  8. Worth it: Rolex pearlmaster watch, Patek Philippe watch, diamond studs, roberto coin diamond hoop earrings, Ippolita gold jewelry, turquoise in 18kt gold.

    Not worth it: all silver jewelry, David Yurman:nogood:

    I am in to buying more classic, timeless pieces, perferably 18kt gold. I guess that comes with age. Got rid of all trendy pieces, including trendy handbags. Chanel classic bags and Bottega Veneta for me!
  9. As far as jewelry that ive purchased alone goes:

    Worth it: Cartier trinity ring (wear it everyday and love it!), 3 sets of 18k white gold diamond earrings I bought from Hong Kong (they look like I have two piercings and are kind of wrap around types), and another pair of 18k white gold plain round earrings with a teeny stud in middle that i wear in my second piercing.

    Not Worth it: I'd throw ALL my chanel and dior costume jewelry items in here. I have mostly earrings from resort collections and logo dangly stuff but if I could redo it, I wouldn't have purchased them. A lot of my chanel costume jewelry I handed off to my mom. And my LV inclusion bracelet and groom bandana thingy can go here too.

    unsure: my hermes twillys i wear as bracelets.
  10. Worth it - My engagement ring, eternity ring, wedding ring, ruby and diamond pave left hand ring, Rolex datejust, tanzanite and diamond left hand ring (although I have only worn this a couple of times), solid gold an diamond bangle (which is like the cartier love) and a 18k gold necklace and pendant which I wear loads. Oh and my diamond earrings lol!

    Not worth it - I hate to say but my pandora bracelets, even though they have cost me close to £2,000! Silver Tiffany bracelet and tiffany necklace (which I have never worn or liked but was a gift) A silver and (tiny) diamond Mont Blanc necklace which cost a lot but I have only worn once.

    I have a lot of antique jewellery which I no longer wear (rose gold bracelet, rings, necklaces) but still value.
  11. Hokaplan - interesting thread

    Worth it - Rolex Datejust, Omega Constellation, Omega Aqua Terra, all my diamond earrings, pendants and rings from Oeding Erdel, Mikimoto pearl earrings and pendants, my grandma's diamond antique earrings and ring, diamond bracelet

    Not worth it - Tiffany & Co's silver earrings and pendant which I receive as birthday present ( I think it's not worth the money at all, hate the tarnish and the fact that they have to be polished), all loose gold earrings, pendants, necklaces which I receive as wedding gifts (I seldom wear them but the plus point is gold prices have gone up a lot. I want to trade them in for cash to buy some pieces that I can pass down but still have sentimental value over them). Not forgetting my Tissot watch, which I seldom wear but luckily I didn't spend a lot on that one.

    Thankfully I followed my mom's advice, buy good quality pieces that you'll wear often and don't waste money on costume jewellery.
  12. Worth it: Michael Barin Ering, my eternity wedding band, my white J12, RG love bracelet, WG Love earrings, platinum T&Co necklace, 227 Patent leather reissue (I have to mention that because I LOVE THE BAG!)

    Not worth it: all my T&Co silver pieces that I have bought in college and never wear now. ( I wonder if I should just give it away or something), my dior sterling silver ring, and some other random stuff that I thought was cute at the time and never wear again. Bad decisions!
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  13. OMG. The one thing I totally regret getting is the Ladies size two tone Cartier Santos watch. It is just too small looking. I really do hope they come back to style soon. It is all about the big watches these days
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  14. :heart::heart: TOTALLY WORTH IT (and extremely happy with): ALL of my DIAMONDS, GEMSTONES, MIKIMOTO and TAHITIAN PEARLS, and PLATINUM and 18KT GOLD JEWELRY :heart::heart:

    :tdown: Totally NOT Worth it: I can honestly say, I don't waste my money buying silver or costume jewelry, so I have never desired David Yurman, John Hardy, Judith Ripka, Tiffany silver, nor any of that Chanel costume jewelry. :tdown:
  15. Worth it - my Tiffany items (I wear them a lot).
    Not worth it - my Pandora items (I hardly wear them).