Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. Worth it: E-ring, bands, diamond pendant, earrings... Jade pieces from my grandma, sentimental pieces from my family

    Not worth it: Tiffany silver pieces, and all silver pieces I've collected in general. My one time bag collection.. which has been refined down to a couple pieces. ;)
  2. Worth it = my J12, Yurman and diamonds
    Not worth it = spending alot of money on fashion/costume jewelry
  3. I don't have a lot of $$ to spend being in school still but I am young so I am slowly trying to build a good quality jewellery collection since I have the time. I tend to not spend a lot of money now though that way if I fall out of love with something later it's not too big of a loss...oh and I wait for sales so I can buy more LOL!

    so far worth it: bulova caravelle watch (made to look antique and was under $100 on sale), sterling silver skeleton key with black diamonds (also got on sale for under $100),pandora two tone bracelet that I am currently building (expensive but has sentimental value too and am hoping to be able to pass it down), blue topaz/smokey quartz ring with an antique setting that I bought on sale half price $124!!, sterling silver kitty necklace with crystal eyes (sentimental value because it was from a friend and it's very unique looking), some good quality costume jewellery pieces that were given to me by my grandmother, ivory rose necklace (birthday present from parents and it's unique looking), 8kt gold bangle (unique antique looking and inexpensive $20 at a second hand store)

    not worth it: all my crap jewellery (ie costume/cheap/fake looking/plastic) stuff that I bought while in highschool...I'm deathly allergic to nickle so I can't even wear half the stuff without breaking out in hives by the end of the day...and if I wear the earrings my ears swell so idk why I still wore them but that was what was cool so I bought into it...if I were smart I would chuck it all and start over but then I would feel like I had nothing fun to wear LOL
    maybe when I can build a better collection of things I like I will get up the courage to chuck it all.
  4. I can't say that I have a lot of money in the form of jewelry, but what I can say is not worth it would be my silver jewelry. I can't polish it to completely clean; even with an ultrasonic cleaner I can't get it super-clean. I think I should have bought WG instead.
  5. worth it: Diamond studs, Vintage Lanvin Lucite Pendant necklace (a lot of compliment whenever I wear it), Tiffany bone cuff (wide), Hermes collier de chien (barenia), Hermes clic-clac in black and white

    Totally not worth it: Hermes CDC in blue, Hermes clic-clac in green, blue, orange, Hermes medor watch, hermes bangles. Hermes Ouch!:amuse:
  6. Worth it: Datejust, Diamond studs.

    Not worth it: Hermes H hour watch (definitely a mistake). I have more regrets in non jewelry items: my once too many B-bag collection, and the Louboutins that I do not wear

    My Black J12 is in a special category. I absolutely love it, and wear it all the time. Not sure if I would say it was worth the price though...
  7. Totally Worth it: All of my David Yurman rings, necklaces, bracelets - love them and wear at least 1 piece every day.

    Totally Not Worth it: All of my David Yurman earrings - small, unimpressive in design and they just sit in my jewelry box day after day.
  8. worth it: all my fine jewellery, 18k gold pieces, and all gold designer pieces.

    not worth it: my pieces I bought when in high school etc..10k white gold with mystic topaz and things like that.
  9. I love mostly everything I bought, but the ones I get the least wear out of are:

    - Mikimoto "moving" pearls - bought a long necklace from this collection and never wear it. I also rarely wear my Mikimoto classic pearl necklace as I hate the clasp and I have an identical one from Chinatown that's easier to put on.

    - Georg Jensen silver
  10. Love this thread!

    Worth it:

    • Cartier watches and bracelets - get worn everyday.
    • my Tiffany DBtY gold necklaces - I wear them daily because they can be worn with all my other pieces.
    • gold Tiffany rings and bracelets - get worn everyday. They seem to work with lots of other things.
    • all my Chanel costume jewelry necklaces - I wear them all the time. My real Tiffany and Cartier kind of disappear and I love the showiness of the huge Chanel stuff - very dramatic and fun.

    Not worth it:

    • anything David Yurman - especially the bangles
    • Ten Thousand Things necklaces - luckily I could sell them for about 1/3 of what I paid
    • pearls - I feel matronly in them.
    • my Cartier Rolling/Trinity rings and my Cartier hoop earrings - I never wear them. They seem boring to me, but maybe I'll change my mind back in a year or three.
  11. Interesting how so many people think silver is not worth it!
  12. I totally disagree! :biggrin: Respectfully of course!
  13. For me, I don't think Tiffany's silver is worth it

    but if you love any piece, even a pebble on the street can be worth keeping!
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  14. Worth it. DY bracelet, Tiffany silver, silver lotus pendant, all my Ben Bridge purchases, my parents present (which I choose myself), aquamarine jewelry, silver Judith Ripka, earrings jackets, turquoise jewelry, Tagliamonte Vicenzo, whatever I remake. Love freshwater pearls. Pandora. Lori Bonn turquoise pieces. Indian turquoise pieces. Accutron Mirador pink watch.
    Whatever not worth it, i redesign. I basically used majority of jewelry after ex to make something wearable for me. Got it in style and color I wanted. I throw away or give to my relatives most of costume jewelry. Never regret it because I used to wear it a lot, so it was worth to have it at that time. Probably Movado watch - the glass get greasy in a matter of seconds. Just like the touch phone. My Grovana watch - give it away to a friend.
  15. Worth it: all the beautiful gold jewelry I have/will get from my mom, gold jewelry from turkey, Tiffany's silver, Chanel costume jewelry, my skagen watch!, handmade jewelry (unique and 1 of a kind)

    Not Worth it: stupid necklaces from forever21 and crap stores, I'd rather save up those $2-3 and buy something from tiffanys instead.