Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. Totally worth it -- my Rolexes, diamond studs, diamonds by the yard necklace, diamond hoop earrings, diamond Harry Winston Traffic right hand ring, Sydney Evan disc necklace

    Totally not worth it -- my tennis bracelet (thought I would wear it everyday, but just not feeling it) and all Yurman pieces.
  2. totally worth it - gold and morganite ring, Roberto coin tiny treasures scottie dog necklace, Tiffany dbty necklace, Tiffany sterling silver color by the yard bracelet, all of my David Yurman bracelets - love them.

    totally not worth it - David Yurman earrings (overpriced and uncomfortable), David Yurman rings, (one slightly dented and one stone popped out!)

    On the fence about my wedding set- Worth what I paid for it but would pick a different style at this point.
  3. My biggest 'not worth it' are the Heather Moore charms I bought a couple years ago. While they are cute, I way, way, way overpaid and would have been better off putting the money towards a diamonds by the yard necklace. The funny thing is, I never really wanted the charms but sort of talked myself into them because they were just starting to become popular. Expensive lesson :cool:
  4. I find Trollbeads more expensive than Pandora and prefer the clean, classic, timeless look of Pandora. Trollbeads, to me, feel like the cheaper silver bits I would buy from trendy craft fairs and markets in my teens. I like the way Pandora pieces are all marked with ALE or Pandora whereas the Trollbeads are just marked as silver. Some of the glass Trollbeads are not marked at all, and with so many one-of-a-kinds that started out as samples, there are literally thousands of different styles in circulation, and I prefer a limited collection to choose from. I don't like to pay a high price for something that was originally just a sample, or effectively a second! I do like the mystic and mythic look of Trollbeads but then I do find them a bit too chunky for my liking. Pandora has a smaller and tidier look.

    This isn't to say I don't like Trollbeads. I was tempted for a long time and bought quite a few pieces. But in the end I decided I'd rather spend my limited spare cash on just one brand and went to my original love - Pandora. I do still admire Trollbeads on others but they're not for me.
  5. Worth it: My wedding set, Movado Amorosa watch w/diamonds, diamond cross necklace, and my newest aquamarine halo ring:


    Not worth it: Pretty much all my costume jewelry, which I usually buy on a whim. All my other watches.

    On the fence: Chanel crystal double Cs earrings... a bit too flashy, and they're uncomfortable to wear when I talk on my cell phone :P
  6. This is such a great thread. Came back to see all the additional posts since my last visit. Interesting to see that Yurman is still on the "not worth it" list. I did end up buying a ring and believe it or not, am looking casually for another one. Love it though and definitely have no regrets. Only own 2 Yurman pieces so maybe that is why. Not going to go crazy especially since I do agree it is overpriced. Glad to see everyone has their Rolex watches under the "worth it" list. Am working on getting one soon ;)
  7. I like this thread! I'm trying to establish a whole new wardrobe for a more mature me (going into the 30s now, so time for investment instead of buy-and-throw pieces) and this thread is very inspiring...providing me with better ideas as to what accessories to invest in. I'm especially looking to purchase a premium designer watch in the next 2 years and it's interesting to see that many people have said their Rolexes and Cartiers are good investments. And I'm glad I had not fallen into the Chanel costume jewelry trap as it seems that many do not think them worth the price!

    Anyway, a bit of my own (limited) input:

    Worth it: My wedding ring from Charlotte Atelier (many people, even guys, tell me and DH that the pair is beautiful...I must say that it's designed to be ergonomic as well so you don't feel that you are wearing a ring!), my single diamond white gold necklace (wedding present from my mom), Gucci watch.

    Not worth it: Hermes twilly and scarves (they seemed like a good idea, but who am I kidding...I don't live in four season climate where they can be put to good use and I still can't incorporate the twilly into my wardrobe...been trying to sell them but to no avail), Hermes bangles (a little mature in design and I'm constantly petrified of making new scratches on them...had since sold one and on the fence with the other), Hermes Kelly necklace (color too dark and looks overwhelming on my petite luck selling it either), all the costume jewelry I had ever bought since I was in high school.
  8. I guess you were referring to a climate closser to the equator. good point!
  9. Worth it:
    All of my Tiffany pieces, my wg Love bracelet, my Hidalgo enamel rings.

    Not worth it:
    My baby Trinity bracelet, any jewelry made from cheap metal and not genuine silver, gold, or platinum
  10. Worth it: my diamond studs and watches

    Not worth it: Gifts for exes, silver jewelry (I'm sensitive), lots of gemstone jewelry that rarely gets worn
  11. I m just getting into nicer jewelry but so far:

    Worth it- my tag, diamond tennis bracelet (really thin so i can wear alone or stack), pearl studs

    Not worth it- fashion jewelry, anything with a heart (so over it) and anything under 14k gold although I do have quite a few silver pieces but sometimes you dont have a choice if it doesnt come in gold! :smile:

    FlipDiver, Gorgeous ring!!
  12. Worth it: diamond ring, tennis bracelets, diamond studs

    Not worth it: silver Tiffany jewelry (I hate having to polish them all the time, you'd think they'd coat it or something for what we pay for it), Pandora collection (after I filled my bracelet, it was way too heavy to wear so it just sits there), all my other earrings (cause I'm too lazy to change my studs so I never wear them!)
  13. Worth it: my e ring and couple pieces of tacori iv jewelry,

    Not worth it: any jewelry bought without thinking about it for a few days at least. The impulse purchases I've made or almost made can usually be duplicated better or cheaper somewhere else. The regret isn't worth the money or time reselling!
  14. I have David Yurman suite that I love and definitely think it is on my worth it list. But I have only that from DY as I too agree it is very highly priced
  15. Bumping this since it's really fun to read and was a great idea for a new thread!!!