Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. Lucky brother! How come you don't like your rose gold key?
  2. Worth it- Diamond bracelet, pendants and studs, ering, wedding bands, Rolexes, Michelles, pearl studs and station necklace, wg ball studs* and hoops, classic cocktail ring
    Not worth it- Branded silver (Yurman, Tiffany), 1.2ct pave hoops, Tag Heuer, LV costume stuff, ALL jewelry from jewelry home parties, diamond 'journey' pendant
    *I recently lost one and had to buy a new pair immediately, I was devastated!

    Fun thread, good info!
  3. bump!
  4. worth it: Cartier YG love cuff (love that I can take it off), rolex, cartier tank solo, bvlgari ring, tiffany YG key pendant, h stern wedding ring

    not worth it: first wedding ring I bought because I should have spent the money on something less flashy and less expensive. cartier trinity ring - sold it because it is just not me.
  5. At the moment I am feeling this way ...

    Worth it - Trollbeads, Pandora, Vintage silver and gold items with precious / semi-precious stones.

    Not worth it - all the costume jewellery I have ever bought (its all up on ebay to fund more purchases ha ha), hasty online buys when I got over-obsessed about owning a certain piece and then didn't love it as much as I thought I would.
  6. Love this thread.

    Worth it- 4 Gucci watches, 3 Versace watches, 2 Valentino watches, White J12 with diamond markers, Black J12 with diamond markers, Rado diamond watch, Burberry watch(so cute), E/ring, Diamond wedding & eternity bands W/G, 3 diamond & sapphire ringsW/G, Y/G & diamond modern wedding set, Mikimoto diamond ring,Large dome shaped diamond dress ring W/G over 3.5 tcw, W/G yellow diamond centre with white diamond halo & white diamond band, Assorted other diamond dress rings. I am a little obsessed with diamonds as it is my birthstone (lucky me:woohoo:). 4 diamond tennis bracelets, Diamond stud errings (3 pairs), Tahitian pearl & diamond earrings W/G, Pandora.

    Not worth it- cheap silver jewellery, cheap fashion watches & jewllery & impulse buys that I had to have at the time & then regretted after & end up giving away (even though they are W/G with diamonds & other stones) I just can't help myself sometimes. It's a good thing I have such an understanding & wonderful hubby.:yahoo:
  7. Love this thread!

    Worth It:
    Mid-century modern sterling pieces that broke the bank a little; one of a kind artisan and old sterling pieces. Larger costume pieces, like "Silver Spoons" necklace.

    Not Worth It:
    Most things I didn't wait a couple of days to buy. I get so enthused about having "an example of x"; impulse purchases are not my friend. Styles that are highly on trend but really don't fit my aesthetic. Tiny and dainty pieces. Anything rhodium plated. A sterling charm bracelet I put together in a very artificial way and later took completely apart and sold off bit by bit. A couple of my easy to get carried away once you're looking at the trays.

    Fortunately I have a membership in a highly active consignment shop, so I keep things moving out of the jewelry box regularly!
  8. Wow, I was interested in a pair of earrings from Tiffany's but now I'm not sure. So many of you have Tiffany silver as not worth it!
  9. Just started reading this thread and totally agree about J12. I have the black J12 wo diamonds. I was glad to read you felt that way about the diamonds cuz I was thinking the diamonds might have made me like mine. Now I feel like I would of spent a little more to feel the same. Plus I never get compliments on it, I know that shouldn't matter, but it does! Can't wait to see what else I learn! Maybe this thread will save me money! Great thread!
  10. Sorry. But reading this whole thread today and so far your not worth it's seem so worth it!!! You should be happy with that Happy more than once a year!
  11. Was it expensive to have your Pandora done in rosegold? How many pieces did you do?
  12. #117 Feb 29, 2012
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    Worth it: My sterling silver Tiffany and Co. jewelry. Yes, I said it. Sterling silver. I just have a special place in my heart for Tiffany and Co. Plus it's not everyday that a girl receives jewelry from Tiffany's. It's always during special occasions which honestly just makes me love my pieces even more. Anyway, I also suggest the "Lorraine Chain" It's the infamous Lisa Taubes 5 ft. link chain. It just goes well with just about everything.

    Not worth it: My Chanel stud earrings. I spent well over $200 on them and i regret it all the time because they are not even real stirling silver earrings. What a waste of money. Plus I have lost 2 of the swarovski crystals on one of the earrings. Okay enough ranting. Sorry. lol
  13. Fun thread!!!

    Worth it: Cartier tank watch, Rolex watch, all diamond and WG jewelry, Ann Demeulemeester silver necklace, one particular Chanel costume necklace, Philippe Audibert cuff, all my pearls, all my earrings (don't have much lol), my Trollbeads, my Morganne Bello rings, one of my 2 enormous cocktail rings

    Not worth it:
    A part of my Chanel costume jewelry as it seems too flashy now, a too big silver cuff, too much Trollbeads (why on earth do I own that many beads and 3 bracelets?) , one of my 2 enormous cocktail rings as 1 would have been enough, too much WG rings (glad I traded some in too buy my solitaire
  14. Worth it: John Atencio gold cross pendant, pearl & diamond stud earrings, ALL watches (except one two-toned), omega (still love it), all freshwater pearl and red coral strands that I can mix and match and twist into a choker, big silver nugget necklace on a black leather strap (makes a statement and goes with everything), gold hoop earrings (always look cool), silver and green citrine pendant, a little silver abstract horseshoe pendant that someone gave me and goes with everything

    Not worth it: Anything with a diamond (can't relate, sorry), any two-toned or tri-toned metals (my left brain can't handle it), omega slide (too fancy and has diamonds), pins (any and all)
  15. that's okay you can send me all your diamond pieces....I can appreciate them for you:graucho: hehe