Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

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  1. :lol:...everytime I see a very expensive piece I can't afford, I think all my jewelry is not worth it and I should have saved up for just that one piece. But I'd probably regret purchasing that one piece anyway.

    That said, I have no regrets. I buy what I can afford. If I don't like a piece of jewelry, my mom or future children will inherit it. I received a tennis bracelet from an ex. My mom is enjoying it. She wears it everyday. My aunts want it from her. lol
  2. Great thread!

    Worth it: Rolex(can't take it off!), 37 ruby and diamond necklace(I don't wear it very often but whenever I do, I get people woo-ahh over it all the time.) Bulgari bzero1 ring in RG, 18k RG with diamond bracelet. 13 diamond snowflake pendant, Tiffany key pendant in RG, Hermes silver (they are expensive but hold up really well. Very little tarnish.) Hermes leather bracelets and clic clac bracelets. White pearl necklaces. Ruby and diamond cluster vintage ring.

    Not worth it: other designer costume jewellery. Especially Dior pieces. Discolouration appears after less than 5 wears! I don't buy them any more.
  3. Not worth it, for me, would be my trollbeads bracelet. I did manage to sell most of the beads on ebay for at least half what I paid, but that was still a loss of a few hundred dollars. I'd only worn the bracelet a few times anyways, since it seemed really out of place around here, more like a vacation bracelet?

    Worth it would be almost everything else. I usually just buy costume jewellery since I lose so much stuff. I've rebought my fake pearl earrings about ten times.
  4. Worth it CC jumbo flap, LV shawls, WG Love Bracelet, LV diamonds watch, Bvlgari Zero1 ring in RG, Bvlgari Zero1 pendent in WG

    So not worth it: many of my LV bags, pandora, T&Co beaded bracelet

    i really want to buy second LOVE Bracelet in YG.. it is sooooo worth it
  5. Totally with you on Fobe! I have the Flex'IT solo in RG and I adore it! Plan to add another in WG!
  6. worth it: Bzero ring & bracelet, trinity collection, fray willie collection, my pearls, 5.6 ct tennis bracelet, chopard bracelet. 1 rolex, 1 ebel, i hermes kelly watch, 1 michele watch, 2 toyal watches, RSW, Tiffany key, & my non designer jewls >> that what i can think of right now

    not worth it: loewe bracelet and earings, some gifts i got!

    this is a fun thread!
  7. Most of my gold and platinum pieces are worth it.

    Not worth it: Beads. Any and all beaded necklaces. Much of my silver. The gold/silver rings I have that are thin and stacking. I don't really wear tiny rings even stacked up together, so those were a waste of money. I realize now I am a sort of "single piece" person rather than a stacker. My pearls don't get much wear, either because I use lotion and sometimes perfume and that is bad for pearls.
  8. bumping my thread!
  9. Worth it: Most of my gold/platinum/diamond/pearl pieces and watches (Rolex, Zenith, GP, Franck Mueller).

    Not worth it: AP watch, Chopard watch, silver/swarovski jewellery (gifts mainly).
  10. Worth it-all diamond jewelry, Tahitian pearls, mikimotos, tiffany gold charm bracelet, Hermes alligator CdC, all VCA, Rolex.
    Not worth it- all David Yurman, Hermes farandole necklace.
  11. Interesting thread. In terms if what pieces actually get used.
    Worth it-Pandora bracelet, Tiffany eternity ring

    Not worth it-Links of London sweetie bracelet, Hermes H watch, Hermes clic clack bracelet (still love all these pieces though), all the costumes jewelry that I never wear.
  12. Worth it: Diamond stud earrings; long YG necklace with three diamond pendant; 18" YG necklaace with circle pendant with one diamond; traditional YG bracelet (could accomodate charms, but I don't wear any on it yet); YG Gucci horsebit ring; WG aquamarine ring.

    Not worth it: SS pieces (all of them, including Tiffany); costume (some of it looks nice, but I don't value it the way I should so I normally turn to non-costume pieces); anything gold plated because the chemistry of my skin wears away platings like acid.
  13. Worth it: expensive jewllery and expensive accessories.
    Not worth it: faux bijoux, expensive shoes and clothes.
  14. This is fun!
    Worth it: All my Cartier pieces, my Rolex and my Shamballa bracelet
    Not Worth It: My LV YG earrings
  15. Worth it: All my diamond and gold jewelry as well as my watches
    Not worth it: My sterling silver pieces from Tous and Tiffany, costume jewelry from LV, Chanel, SF, etc., and my rose gold key from Tiffany.

    I told my brother that he could pick through my Tiffany jewelry that I don't wear anymore to give to his gf LOL. I am not a big fan of selling my jewelry so all my pieces just sit and slowly tarnish away in my jewelry box. . .